Friday, February 25, 2011

Math Rider Review

It seems that whenever we are in need of a particular subject getting a little more attention, TOS sends us a product to review that just fills that need! It is truly wonderful and such a blessing! When I was notified we would be reviewing Math Rider, I was very excited for a couple of reasons. First, my daughter (10) needs some work in reviewing her basic math facts, and second, she loves horses! This just made my day!
Here is an overview of the game from the website:

What did we love about Math Rider? Well, I loved the simplicity of it. I was basically hands off, which I enjoy having a few things I can just pass off to my kids and they can take over and handles it themselves. My daughter figured out everything with minimal help from me. She would go online daily and play 4 rounds of the game and she was moving up in the levels as well as mastering concepts she had not mastered at this point. That was wonderful!

What did we not love about Math Rider? Very little, however there is a magical concept to the game and magic is not something that blends with our faith. For instance, there was a magical healing flower that was to be used to heal a cursed or sick person. However, you do not need to play that part of the game to continue on. The term magical is used, however it is easy to avoid and my daughter continued playing without ever having to participate in the parts we found objectionable.

Overall, I found this online game to be fabulous! You can find out more by checking out there website here: Math Rider Be sure to check out the many links available to learn more about this great product.

The cost of this wonderful tool for your homeschool is only $37 and even comes with 30 day money back guarantee!!

Disclaimer: I am a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. As such I have received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion and review of this product. I have not received any additional compensation for my review.

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I enjoyed your blog! I'm on the Crew too. I signed up to follow you on Google Friend Connect while I was here.