Friday, February 18, 2011

Keeping It Classy

Only one more day after today!!
So, here ya go!

Atira is wearing brown pants that we found at a thrift store, they have a pretty buckle at the waist you can't see in this photo. Her green sweater was mine...but a bit too fitted for my liking, so she wears it now. I have on one of my favorite dancing skirts (it twirls so beautifully!), this burnt orange peasant skirt, it has pretty little beads and sparkly pieces on the layers, so pretty. I have on a green cami made again by Mod Bod, and my cream long sleeve hoody was purchased at JC Penney.
Here is Atira's fun watch, yes, it was a Mcdonalds toy, it is just so darn cute!
And last, my earrings. My son took a jewelry making class and one day while I was sitting there, bored, I asked the teacher if I could play with the beads. I ended up making these and she said I could just keep them! What a blessing! Off to celebrate the sabbath with my family! The house is all clean, bread just came out of the oven and dinner is bubbling away...the house smells super delicious! Can't wait! Have a blessed weekend all! Hope I get time tomorrow to post our last picture! I will certainly try! We will try to get on here in the morning and do that. Blessings!!


Nela said...

Nice outfits! :)

Emily said...

cute outfit!! I love your skirt and those earings are really cute!