Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Let me take you back about a week ago...as Scott and I headed into Macy's dish department to order some replacement pieces for our set, the sales clerk alerted us of an incredible bargain on a pasta set that was available. My husband, who loves a bargain and has cried out many times, but it won't be here later! was just jumping on this one. Really? We need a pasta set? He thought so...so it is now apart of our collection of Italian Countryside dinnerware, beautiful pieces, although I am not sure where they will fit in the cupboards. But I am glad to have them. Anyway, I decided we should break them in properly, so last Friday night I decided to make Scott's grandma Connies' spaghetti sauce and meatballs. He came home and started hollering, "I LOVA DA MEATBALL!" He would add in "I LOVA DA SAUSAGE" too, but I did not get sausage so there was only meatballs, but hey, he was having a good time. I finished the pasta, made a french bread challah, put the pasta, sauce and meatballs in the serving bowl, which as you can see, he quickly snatched up and put in his place on the table....I kept thinking "Baby Huey" by the size of that bowl sitting in front of him. Thankfully, he shared, we all had a delicious and memory filled meal as we talked about Gran. And I made 4 pounds of meatballs that night...so we can hopefully repeat this scene again very soon, it was a lot of fun and quite delicious!