Tuesday, October 01, 2013

She won!!!

Atira decided to enter the fair this year, which was not as easy as it may sound. We finally got it all figured out, got her entered and waited, wondering how she did until we could go see for ourselves. We finally made it to the day we were going to the fair, raced to the area she had her photo displayed in and SHE WON!! She won first place and she won best in class! She entered only one photo, of her doll, and it was a big winner. We are so very proud of her accomplishment!! Congratulations our talented daughter!! 💗

He's a grown up?!?!

It's hard to believe he is 18 already. These years have gone by so very quickly and I am so blessed and thankful I was there, full time to watch him grow into the amazing young man God created him to be. We are so very proud of him. 
For his 18th he decided he wanted a Dispicable Me party! Just love that! We made Twinkie minions and loaded them up onto a costco cake. He had som of his favorite foods, dairy free biscuits and gravy, steak and mashed potatoes and of course BBQ burgers, corn on the cob and chips. We had a houseful of folks to celebrate with us. It was a wonderful week! 
The Lord bless you Jordan as you journey on into the life God has for you. ❤️