Monday, October 30, 2006

Update on the latest....

Well, it has been far too long since I have updated my blog, but here I am getting the news of what we have been up to out to our blogging fans! So to start: here is a little before and after:

This is Atira before her middle tooth fell out...(actually it was her left tooth, it just scootched over to look like a middle tooth. I took to calling her "Jack" short for jack-o-latern, she did NOT appreciate it, athough I got quite the giggle from it!)

AFTER!! Her tooth came out and what a lovely story that is too. We were eating dinner when she felt her tooth had come out, her mouth full of food. Yum. So, I did not know what else to do, so I told her to spit it all out on her placemat! Which she happily did, then dug through the chewed up remains until she found her tooth. A happy girl, she was! That night the mommy fairy left her a coupon for one cake with candles, even though it was not her birthday! She was incredibly pleased. I was a bit worried she would not be happy it was not cash, but she loved her coupon. Worked out fine.

Now, what has Jordan been up to? Well, he has received his junior red belt in martial arts. He is very proud and happy of this accomplishment. He has worked with his blue belt for two years now and Master Chang wanted to give him some motivation to keep on working hard. This did the trick, can you see how happy he is in this photo?!

We had the opportunity to have Atira and Jordans cousin Monique over for a few hours this past week. It was great fun to have her and the girls had a wonderful time together. Amazingly, Atira and Monique are a year apart in age, but they are almost exactly the same height and size! They look very much alike too. No question they are related! This picture is taken of them after they got all dolled up, makeup, dresses, the works! What a fun afternoon! Not to mention, we had Grandma Joan over too, it is always fun we get a chance to visit.

Well, I tried to upload one more picture, and I could not seem to get blogger to cooperate with me, so my last picture will have to be in the form of a new post! So, to all our friends and family, enjoy the update. We love and miss you! And to everyone else, thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's my birthday!

Well, actually yesterday was my birthday, but now is when I had time to sit down and blog about it. So, let's start with yesterday morning when I woke up......

It was about 8:30 AM, nice to sleep in on your birthday! My best girlfriend called me up to begrudgingly wish me a happy birthday! (she just likes to torture me) So we chatted for a while and while on the phone with her Atira lost her front tooth! WOW! I was so excited! Then my girlfriend quickly brought me back to reality, this is my birthday and it is not all about her losing her tooth! ;) After her phone call my loving husband was quick to call and also wish me a happy birthday, so nice! Well, my boy is still sleeping soundly at this point and he really should be up wishing me a happy birthday too. So, I yell down the hall "BOY!!!!" "BOY!!!!!" All I get is, "huh?". To which I yell, "WAKE UP IT'S MY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" He really doesn't appreciate my birthday like I do, or the wake up call. Weird. So we finally get out of bed, I hop in the shower and my mother in law calls....did she time that? We all get ready to go and I take us out to IHOP for breakfast when my mom calls to wish me a happy birthday too! I have the stuffed french toast, OH MY YUM!! That was so delicious! Then I drag my unhappy little angels with me off to the thrift store for a mini shopping spree for myself! They really don't enjoy themselves at the thrift store when I am shopping for myself, but I figured it's my birthday they can suffer a little for their dear sweet mother!I get a chance to talk to MIL on the way to the store, it was so nice to hear more happy wishes for a wonderful day! We leave the thrift store and hubby calls, he is home! WOO HOO! We head on home (saving my neglected babies from another thrift store excursion). We get home and hubby has bought me a dozen red roses! Then he shows me the cake he bought me, german chocolate! I could PUKE! I hate german chocolate and he knows it! But he is a man, did he just forget, or is he a dork? Do I get mad, or do I love him for at least coming up with this one by himself? Well, as I run all these thoughts through my head it dawns on me that he is messin' with me on my birthday! I try to give him a punch to the gut, and he bursts out laughing! He got me, and he knew it! While still laughing, he pulls out the real thing, my chocolate cake! What a buttface. And I love him. We all sit outside in our sukkah (it is sukkot right now, ya know!) and eat chocolate cake. I could not think of a better way to spend time with my family on my birthday. It was so beautiful outside and the cake was delicious. We then make plans with my mom to meet up for Chinese food for dinner. Another, OH MY YUM! It was fun and totally delish! My birthday was perfect. While sitting on the couch after dinner my hubby reminds that our message clock had been programmed, scrolling across it says "Happy Birthday Brat". Great day, great evening, great food and the best company! I am so very blessed, thank you Abba!