Friday, November 11, 2011


Jordan has been studying WWII and is now moving forward in history. In perfect timing a friend invited us to a tour of China town based off the book Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. What a wonderful adventure this turned out to be! The book, although historical fiction, is placed quite accurately in the Internation District in Seattle. We toured several blocks through Chinatown and Japantown, tasting treats and seeing sights that were mentioned throughout the pages of this wonderful novel. This was such a wonderful experience, walking the steps of a story he had just read. The photo above is the group we were with in front of the Panama Hotel, we are planning another visit, since to our surprise, this tour did not include a tour of the hotel, which is a rather important part of the book. I am currently reading the book so when we return, I will be able to enjoy the tour more, we also plan to make this one a family event, since it was only Jordan and I on this particular tour.

We enjoyed a lunch at a fabulous chinese restaurant, toured around Uwajimaya, had the most incredible roll from a chinese bakery and saw many of the sights from the pages of the book, including a tour of an apartment that the main character would have lived in. To close out our day we toured the Wing Luke Museum and then headed up a block to the fortune cookie factory where we purchase, of course, fortune cookies and fresh made noodles as well as some crunchy friend noodles. We have now learned we LOVE fresh made chinese noodles and need a local source, they make an awesome stir fry at lunch and dinner. Can't wait to buy them again!

Grandma Sheilas Birthday!

Happy Birthday! We had a wonderful evening celebrating Grandmas birthday with dinner and presents and a beautiful cake that Atira decorated. Grandma wanted a tortilla press this year, she let us know by adding it to our grocery shopping list while she was here with the kids one day! :) We made her dream come true! Now we are still waiting for an invite to come over and try out some of these wonderful homemade goodies!

Didn't Atira do an amazing job? She really wants to get in to a cake decorating class, I think she would excel, she is very talented and creative.


It was a lovely week for celebrating an 8 day outdoor festival....we were blessed. Here are some pictures of our pretty sukkah.

It was a quiet week, most everyone in our fellowship was celebrating somewhere else. We still enjoyed the week together.