Thursday, April 10, 2008

Moments in nature

What a wonderful moment out in nature! We had such a fun day hiking around Lord Hill in Snohomish. We spent a good couple of hours hiking through the forest there, we saw deer tracks as well as many horse tracks, which Atira kept hoping if we followed the tracks we would run right into the horses, but we never did. The yellow lab in the pictures above is a dog named Blazer who lives right there and he will sometimes get out and just follow people on their hike, which he did with us. It was wonderful to have a native tour guide with us! The day was perfect for a hike, not too warm, not too cold and not a drop of rain. I am looking forward to going back very soon.
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Some not so fun moments....

This is a sarcastic smile as Jordan sports his newly allergy tested arm. What a day that was! We decided to have a scratch test done to narrow done what exactly he is allergic to. So, this is the result, after 3 hours of testing, yes THREE HOURS, we were told he is allergic to pretty much everything but dogs (oh thank you Lord) and mold. He was allergic to pretty much EVERYTHING that is airborn, poor kid. So, he is also having blood tested to tell us what food allergies he has as well and when we get that back Jordan will start on an oral treatment and hopefully he will have a good summer this year! They said that next year he will be great for summertime! How exciting!!
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Monday, April 07, 2008

Tea party moments

We have been learning about Colonial times in our homeschool studies and this happened to coincide with Atira purchasing the American Girl Doll, Felicity, who grew up during the revolutionary war. One day during our studies she asked me if she could host a tea party and I told her of course! So, we set off right away and she made invitations on the computer. Mailed them out to three of her dear friends, Jillian, Teigan and Rae Elise. She planned a complete menu which included cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches (of course), peanut butter and honey sandwiches, cut into heart shapes. In addition to this first course was sparkling cider and strawberries dipped in chocolate. Second course consisted of mini heart shaped scones with blackberry jam and the final course was hot chocolate with marshmallows, peanut butter blossom cookies, triple chipper cookies and cupcakes with pink icing and little white daisy sugar flowers on top! The girls chatted and played a memory game and made corn husk dolls. It was a lovely afternoon and Atira is looking forward to doing it again someday! Please, enjoy our pictures of our special day.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sharing a few moments with kangaroos

Well, away we go to a nice family outing with our homeschool group, a planned visit to the local kangaroo petting zoo, every city has one, right? So here we are as a family, on a very wet and rainy day enjoying the sites and smells of nature amidst the roos, llamas, horses and peacocks. One problem, Scott seems to have been left behind. What could have happened to him, what could delay my darling devoted husband from keeping up with our group? So, I go asking around...I am told he is hanging out with Kate Moss under a heat lamp...Uh HUH! I trudge the through the mud filled pathway from one kangaroo pen to another and what do my eyes behold? The very truth of what I heard!! He is most certainly there holding hands with KATE MOSS! Oh could he? This little roo just loved Scott and yes, her name really is Kate Moss...and she just loved him! She would hold onto his entire arm and just lick his fingers. Of course she did not move away from the heat lamp and had there been room for me under it I would have been there too!

Here is Atira after she fed a piece of bread to the littler roos.

Each of the kids had a turn at holding the baby kangaroos. These little ones are about 7 months old. I never realized they were so tiny at that age!
And of course Jordan's turn, he just loved this little guy, I am pretty sure he would have brought him home with him if we would just say yes!
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