Monday, August 08, 2011

Yovel Moments

What a whirlwind weekend this was! Our last weekend before Scott heads back to work and we decided to make it a full adventure! We began on Saturday with having my mom over for waffle breakfast, which was wonderful to get to spend some time with her....and we are so thankful to her for taking care of the animals for us this summer, she has made all of our adventures possible and worry free, THANK YOU!! ♥ We then finished loading up the Volvo and hit the road! First stop was in Olympia, which I do not have pictures of to share with you but I would like to share a little about our experience.

We made our way to our friends house, The Rogers, they were having a party to celebrate their youngest son, Tyler's graduation day. However, this graduation party was a little different as the scholar was not able to join he has passed on. Tyler became ill with a brain tumor about 5 years ago and after a year long battle his body had had enough. However, Tyler's wish was that people celebrate his young life and as such, his parents have always honored that wish. His wake was one I will never forget, filled with laughter, great food and a party atmosphere, including balloons. Tyler had also asked his family to continue to help St. Jude hospital in Memphis, TN, where he received incredible care, of course they agreed. This party was not only a celebration of what would have been Tyler's graduation but also a fund raiser to donate to St. Judes. If you would like to learn more about Tyler and his family, as well as support The Tyler J. Rogers Foundation, please click on the link in his name. You can also "like" them on Facebook and support them through getting the word out about this family working to make a great memory of their sons life. On to the party....filled with live music, food, drinks and of course, balloons. The day was beautiful and soon friends filled their home all in celebration of Tyler. Out in front was a smoker, puffing away with all kinds of meats inside to fill the buffet table. Inside the house were gift baskets filled with goodies that would be raffled off to raise more money. You could also buy Jones green soda with special labels made just for Taterfest. It was a lovely afternoon spent celebrating Ty's life, playing games and meeting new folks.

And then, we were on the road! Headed south to Portland (again!). We made it down to our friends, the Hobsons, fellowship just after it had all wrapped up. Bummer! We had a nice dinner out with them filled with good food and lots of laughter. We then made our way into some unkown and uncharted parts of Camas (I say this since our GPS on Scott's phone would not locate where we were, so it must be unknown, right?) where we slept in a camper out in the front of her moms house. (Does that mean we went camping this weekend too? Sure, when the kids are grown I will tell them that, they will think we were really adventurous!!) In the morning we awoke to the most hospitable people on the planet! We had the great pleasure of meeting Marilees mom and twin sister who were INCREDIBLE people!! They were so gracious in letting us into their home to shower and get ready for the day. Then we were treated to the most amazing breakfast ever! Hank was cooking up delicious waffles and pancakes, there was berry syrup, pear syrup, whip cream, chicken sausages, a frittata, scrambled eggs, greek yogurt, strawberries and coffee!WOW! That was like three breakfasts all served at once! I told them if they continue to feed us this way, we will for sure come back, so next time plop out some boxes of cold cereal and curdled milk, or we may never leave!! We also enjoyed incredible conversation, as they introduced us to three great men, their husbands, and one son all now with the Lord. It was a pleasure meeting them as well as their loved ones who are now gone, all I can say, is this family is just incredible and they have given our family such a blessing by letting us into their home and getting to know them just a bit. I look forward to the next time the Lord brings us together.

We then hit the road, Marilee driving the girls in her convertible, which was a super fun time and the boys following behind as we made our way to the Park for the Yovel (Jubilee) celebration. By the time we got there the sun was starting to peek out from behind the clouds and the day was warming up. We were excited to meet up with some folks we have not seen for a while as well as spending time with our fellowship family.

This is our good buddy Hank, can you see why we like him? He is always an adventure. I didn't eat any of these particular cherries, but the ones I did try were so delicious! (Oh, he has cherries in his cheeks too.....he really is a goofball)

Atira liked this statue...notice he is holding a bouquet of flowers....

Shelly and Atira, our sweet sister Yah has blessed us with. We are SO thankful she was there celebrating with us! She always makes our adventures filled with laughter and joy.

Dancing!! Oh, it was wonderful to be out there praising our Abba under a beautiful blue and sunny sky! Ted Pearce was there in concert, the day was filled with His presence, it was such a memorable time.

My girly had her face painted and then boogied over and found these baby kittens. Awwww.

Some of our fellowship family. We are so thankful to spend the time with the Hobson's Shelly and Joel, it was a memorable weekend and a great blessing. Abba be praised for all He has done for us!
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