Monday, February 14, 2011

Cinderella Moments

Ahhhh...what a day. Let's say it again. Ahhhhh....what a day. It was THAT good that you needed to say it twice. I mean, seriously, that good.

For those not "in the know", I planned an evening out for Atira, both of her grandmothers and myself to see Pacific Northwest Ballet perform "Cinderella". Let's back up....I have a sweet friend, Denise, and she has a very talented daughter, Abby. Abby was accepted last year to PNB as a student. What a prestigious honor and evidence of her incredible talent. Abby was then chosen to perform in this years performance of Cinderella. This led to the idea that it would be fun to go and see her and of course experience the ballet for our first time. Well, after checking into the price of tickets....*hack*cough* (was that blood?) we decided to just enjoy the photos of Abby in her costume instead.

About a week or so later, there was a contest on the radio to win tickets to Cinderella, we tried, but did not win. That's when the wheels started turning. Scott and I decided that this would be an incredible memory for Atira and that it was worth it. That contest gave me a little opening to ask some "conversational" questions, ya know, just chatting it up. I asked Atira, what if we had won, would you want it to be just you and I or would you want your Grandmas to go too? She said all of us....hmmm....would it be possible?

The Grandmas were delighted with the whole idea...the wheels of secrecy were now in full motion, churning silently along....mwah ah ah!! I LOVE a good secret! The plan was set, Atira and I would have a girls day together, nothing big, maybe some lunch and time shopping. She had NO idea.

The day finally arrives, I am giddy inside, just dyin' to jump up and down and scream "aren't you excited!!!". But I can't, she doesn't even know. We have a lazy morning, we shower. We are getting dressed to impress because we joined a "Modest Fashion Week" blog contest...she comes in my room in her super cute outfit and asks me what I think. I gush, tell her it's fab and super cute, but what do you think of THESE! I throw back two pillows that are on my bed covering up TWO BRAND NEW OUTFITS! She flips! She jumps up, arms around my neck, thanking me and even tearing up a bit. It was so sweet. She chose an absolutely fabulous little number, the black and white polka dot dress with hot pink shrug. Amazing.

She decides her Grandma needs to see it...calls over and miracle of miracles, Grandma is available to have her come over and show off her new dress! We head on over Grandma is also available to go to lunch with us! Can you believe how amazing this is working out? We head out....I suggest we go down to the south end of town to a mall we never go to there. Great idea! We get closer and Atira asks if she can show her new dress to her other Grandma! WELL OF COURSE!! (I could not have orchestrated this better, we were heading that way to pick her up and I did not have to blow my cover for one second! Can you believe this stuff?) I play it off...well, Grandma might not be home you know, but we will try. And again, Grandma is home! What a surprise! ;0) And to top it off, she was available to go to lunch too! hee plan is coming off very nicely, dontcha think?

We head out to the restaurant, enjoy a leisurely lunch, a little time in the toy store. (Where else does a girl go when she's all dolled up?) And back to the van for the finale portion of my secret plan! Oh, I could have cried here I was getting so excited!

We drive along...I ask Grandma J, do you know where we are going? She does...Atira looks, how do YOU know? Mom was just saying she has a plan rolling around in her head...but how do YOU know? Mwah ah ahaha!! I love it! Savoring the sweetness of this wonderful moment. We finally come around the corner to the building where we will be seeing the we get closer Atira says, " I wish we could have seen Abby's ballet." I pull the van over in front of the hall, I point to the sign that says "Pacific Northwest Ballet", and ask "what does that sign say over there?"

(now you need a serious dramatic pause here, I will also wait while you get some kleenex OK?)


Atira: "Abby's ballet? Really?" And the tears started flowing....and along with them the most heartfelt and tender thank you's I think I have ever heard uttered.

She was truly surprised, she was touched deep inside by the love of her mom, dad and Grandparents who wanted to do this special event for her.

Of course, when her tears flowed, so did mine and of course both of her Grandma's as well. Kleenex was flying around that van as it sat on the side of the road in front of the hall. THAT was my favorite part of the whole night. My sweet girl, giving me sweet hugs and tears of joy and appreciation. It was....well, amazing.

On to the event:

As we were waiting for time tick away (we were only about an hour + early) we took a few pictures like these:

Around the time of these photos, I realized I should call my friend Denise or text her and let her know that we were on the grounds and hoping to see Abby during the intermission. (This was part of our ultimate plan of course!) As I pop open my so cute pink and silver phone, I realize to my UTTER horror, I no longer have her number because my old phone croaked and with it all my phone numbers! I could have screamed. Immediately I began by trying to wake up my brain to come up with a solution...ugh. I find one friend, call her, nope, she doesn't have her cell! ACK! Then, just like that little light bulb, a solution popped into my brain! TEENAGERS! That's it! Teenagers!! Oh yeah, they are always connected to some sort of social media, right? HALLELU YAH! I text my son, who is friends with Denise's daughter, it went something like this:

"Text Sierra and tell her mom to call or text me, I lost her phone number".

Pause 20 seconds while I wait ever so patiently for a response.

I flip my super cute pink and silver number open and start calling my son, WELL! WHERE IS SHE!? I don't know mom...was his response. Now is NOT the time to NOT KNOW!! (Well I didn't really say that last part, but I was thinking it!)

I decide to wait another 20 seconds ...and like a beam of sunshine streams through the clouds, here comes Denise and Abby running by the outside of the building. I, being all dressed lovely like and acting every part the lady, fling myself at the glass wall and start yelling "DENISE!!!. What a spectacle. Then there is Abby, pointing, running (or being dragged, I am not sure exactly, it was kind of a toss up). I fly out the doors and start chasing my friend down...who briefly slowed down, at least long enough to tell me they were what do you do when you're all dressed up in Downtown? You chase after with your super cute pink shiny cell phone flipped open and start dialing in numbers as they are being flung at you so you can call later when things settle down. I hope Denise, you are still my friend after that fiasco. What a dork I am.

We (Atira and I...yes she was in tow, but I have no real recollection of that part, my focus was getting Denises number...good job mom.) went back in to get some photos with the Grandmas and here they are:

Shortly after this point who would walk by? Denises husband and kids. Ooops. I guess I could have stood there looking lovely (hee hee) instead of running around like a crazy mama screaming at people for phone numbers. Oh well....I got the job done! OH YEAH!

And of course we have to have our picture with Abby...she was amazing. I can't wait until the day we go and see her as SHE performs the part of Cinderella! Great job Abby!

Soon after this we headed for our seats...enjoyed the spectacular performance and even got a moment with Abby after the first act. It was truly an incredible and memorable evening. The ballet was beautiful, the company we shared it with was top notch and the whole day is one that will live long in all our hearts. Such a sweet day making memories together as family. God is so good.

Good night everyone!


~ Denise ~ said...

Oh, Tina!!! You put that whole day into such beautiful words. :) Even the part where you ran screaming after me with your cell phone wide open...! LOL Yeah, Abby was being dragged, I'll have to admit. (Ahem) Mommy of the Year Award recipient I am NOT!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you once again for going through all this awesome planning to get Atira to the ballet. I'm honored to have played a very part in such a deliciously elaborate scheme. :) I cried just reading about your day and I am so thrilled to call you both friends. The Lord truly worked out a spectacular day for your girlie!!((Hugs))

~ Denise ~ said...

Ooops! That should read: "I'm honored to have played a very SMALL part.." Duh. :o/

Heidi said...

What a neat story. Sounds like a great day!

Rachel said...

Beautiful story. I should have gotten up and got Kleenex when you said!

Linda said...

that was a really nice sweet story!