Sunday, January 29, 2006


Oh my goodness! Isn't he a cute pup? This is a nice picture of Gunner, you can really see him clearly, we have found that black dogs are very difficult to get good pictures of. This particular shot was taken by a good friend of mine who is a photographer! (Thanks Julie!) Well, it has been such a wonderful blessing to have Gunner in our home. He is a great dog, a bit naughty and strong willed, but he fits in well! He is a bit over 4 months old now and doing very well. He can sit on voice and hand command as well as lie down. He rarely goes potty in the house anymore, but if we are at our friends house, he does not always do so well there. He loves to play and his favorite things to steal are socks and my slippers. This morning we got up, and he had been out playing with the kids, we came out to the living room and there were six socks in a little pile that he had gathered and brought in. He is also losing his baby teeth, I have never seen a dog lose so many before, normally you never see them. But his fall out and we find them everywhere! He has lost two in one day that we know of. He lost another today....goofy dog. The tooth fairy gives him a dog treat when he loses one, he just loves that! The kids really enjoy him a lot and he them. We have a neighbor dog (as well as neighbor kids) and Gunner now runs outside just like our kids looking to see if "Sasha" is there to play with. Sasha will also go out to play ball with her mom or dad and come up to our driveway and look at our house, looking for Gunner. Too funny! Well, it is an adventure having Gunner, some days are hard but most are wonderful. Hope you all enjoy his picture, he sure is a handsome thing. Oh, so handsome in fact we will probably breed him, at least to make back our initial investment!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Well, what a wonderful surprise! Don't you just love it when an unexpected package comes in the mail? Heck, I love it when one shows up that I was expecting, the UPS truck is like eating chocolate without the calories! Just makes one happy and it's brown too, coincidence? I think not. Ok back to our story, yesterday we had a notice in our mail that there was a package TOO LARGE to fit in our mailbox...hmmmmm, what could it be?! So off we went to the post office and there it was presents from our parents in California! What a fun surprise! Had to run other errands, so all we could do was wonder what was in that box. Torture, it's good for people. Got home, waiting for dad to open the package....he calls; he'll be late. More torture? No way! You snooze, you loose buddy! So, here are the kids opening their loot from Grandma and Grandpa, they loved it. Personal note: Thanks guys for all the fun loot, we are heading off to Borders and lunch at McDonalds tomorrow. Looking forward to it and we will be thinking of you both while we shop. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Beauty, Eh?! was time. Scott had taken our old van as we bought a new one for our first ever major road trip this past fall. It (the old van) had over 120,000 miles on it and it proved to be a wise move not to take it on a long haul down the coast. The old van bit the bullet. Cracked a head or worse...may need a new engine in it. Well, the cost of repair for the lesser work was nearly the value of the van and the price of a new engine out cost it's value by almost 2,000 dollars! Easy decision, time for a new vehicle. After pondering what to do, we found a great deal on another van, Scott would take the recently purchased one as it is more manly (that is if a van can be more manly, but it is a GMC, I think that helps?!) and I would take the new more family style van. Well, we were not thrilled, it was nice, clean and a good price, but that was it, no spark so to speak. Well then.....we spotted this little white number, Scott asked if it is was in our price range and it was...took it for a little spin and bought it! He loves it, finally, he has a car he has wanted, it has been a long time since that has happened. This little GMC Jimmy has it all, 4 wheel drive, towing package, heated's a beaut. (Beauty, eh?!) He is happy, I was thrilled and the kids love it. So there is the latest, sorry for the long time between posts, I will work on making this a regular weekly mission on my part. Glad to hear we have a request! Love to all our family! Posted by Picasa