Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We LOVE spending time at the farm! This is our second year helping out with the Bridge church and their harvest for the hungry program. Because of our crazy schedule having daddy home this summer, we did not get as much time out there as we would have liked, but we are doing our best to be there to help bring in the harvest. We have been harvesting green beans, which we have learned make our arms and hands itchy, so we must wear gloves, we have also brought in quite a bit of squash and zuchinni. Sadly, the broccoli and cauliflower didn't do as well and we were late for the potatoes and other yummy things. The Farm donates use of this land to the church, they help plow and seed it and volunteers come and week and harvest (as well as plant). The food goes to the Everett Gospel Mission, the Snohomish Food Bank as well as a few other locations. We are also blessed to glean while we are harvesting, YUM! We have enjoyed some wonderful veggies and are so appreciative!
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Yay for the deck addition!

Whew!! What a blessing, Scott and Jordan found the time to add on to our deck! We have doubled our deckspace and it looks AMAZING! :) We have just finished laying down the first coat of stain and the rails are done being painted. The weather has now turned to more rain in the forecast, so when we get to lay the second coat of stain is anybodies guess. At least for now it is protected and going to stay beautiful until we have some nicer weather to enjoy our new space. Love these guys of mine, so talented and hard working!
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Friday, September 09, 2011

Atira's story

Hi everyone!
It has been a fun and busy summer....sadly, one of the results of that is a neglected blog. We are back into the swing of things for homeschool now and I am hoping to get some regular updates going here again.

Let's begin with Atira's story. She is entering an American Girl story writing contest, and I thought you might enjoy reading her entry.


You wouldn't think two girls who were so different could become good friends, but somehow, it happened. It all started when my Mother wanted me to run to the store for her. My Uncle Louie owns a general store right around the corner, so I decided to just run over to there. " Hey Uncle Louie!" I shouted as I entered the store. "Hey Pumpkin! How are you this morning? " " Great thanks! How about you? " I asked in return. " Oh, OK. Until you came along, and suddenly, it seemed like the sun came out! " I couldn't help but to giggle. " Mellissa, I would like you to meet someone." I turned around and saw that it was my Aunt Mary speaking to me. " Oh! Hi Aunty! OK. " I replied. " Mellissa, this is Cally Reynalds, Cally, this is my neice, Mellissa Marshal." "How do you do?" I asked Cally. " Very fine, thank you. And you?" She asked me back. " Nice, thank you." I studyed her some more, and realized she was black. Which was perfectly fine with me, I was brought up being taught everyone was equal. And I agreed with all of my heart. Which, is alot. "Mellissa?" My Aunt asked me. "Yes, Aunty?" "Would you like to be with Cally this afternoon? I am going to a friends party this afternoon, and I would love to take you two, but I just can't. I am sorry, but would you mind, Mellissa?" " Aunty, have you ever known me to turn you down? Of course I will! I would love to!" "Thank you my dear!" My Aunty replied. " Cally, would you mind?" "Of course not, in fact, I would be most pleasured!" She answered my Aunty. " OK then! I'll see you girls later, Cally, you will be in the BEST of hands!" " Oh, Aunty!" I said, blushing a little. "Come on, Cally. Let's go to my house, shall we? I'll introduce you to my family! I think you'll really like them. They are SO sweet." "Umm... OK! Sorry, that was just a lot to take in! No effense or anything." Cecile answered. " Oh, non taken! My family says I'm way to much of a jabber-walkie. But, I guess, I just, well, love to talk!" " I can relate, normally I am a jabbie-walker also, just, I guess around new people, I am quite shy. " Smilingly, I glanced over at her, she is truly very beautiful I thought to myself. "Well, here we are! Home sweet home. Well, at least for my family.She just smiled. "Dear me! Here we are!" Said Mellissa. "Oh wow! You have a beautiful house, Mel!" Mellissa thanked her. "Mother! I'm home! And I've brought a friend!" "Mellissa ,I'm upstairs." " OK, we will be right up, Mother." "Come along, Cally, and meet my Mother. My Father will be home from work in a little while. In the meantime you can meet some of my other siblings!" Mel took a breath and went on. "Only some of my siblings are home, others are at boarding school until the beginning of spring, come, let's take off our wraps and go see Mother!" " OK!" Replied Cally, her head spinning from what Mel had just said. " Hello Mother." Mel said as she pushed open her Mothers bedroom door. "Hello dear, and who is your friend?" "Oh, sorry! This is Cally, Cally, this is my Mother, Mrs. Marshall, Mother, this is Cally." "Hello Cally, I am very pleased to meet you." Said Mrs. Marshall. "I am very pleased to meet you as well, Mrs. Marshall. "Cally curtsied." Mother, "Mellissa said. "Aunty asked me if I would be pleased to be with Cally this afternoon while she is at- whatever she's at. I never can keep track, anyways, as always when Aunty asks me to do something, I do it. Especially today was I happy to do it, for I am always glad to meet new friends." She said to Cally in particular. "You have a very beautiful home, Mrs. Marshall." "Why, thank you, Cally! That is very kind of you." Cally smiled. "Come Cally, let me show you my room!" "OK." The girls ran up the stairs. "Bang!" Mel through open her door which in turn landed with a crash against the wall. "Whoops! Oh well it does that all the time." Mel said seeing Cally's face. "Well, here we are, Cally!" "Wow, Mel! You have a very beautiful room!" "Thank you, Cally!" Mel's room was pale yellow, with pale green curtains hanging across the two windows, hanging side-by-side. On one wall, she had flowers painted in red purple and pink. She had a day-bed in one corner, with a pale green bed-cover with tiny flowers embroiderd on it. "Mellissa, did your Mother emroider these?" Asked Cally still looking at the bed-cover. "No, my Great-Great-Grandmother did. On my Mom's side." "Oh, thank you." Replied Cally. On the wall opposite her bed, Mel had a desk, and in another corner, a washing table. Looking out the windows was a meadow, and just beyond the meadow was the ocean. You could see sails, dotting the skyline, the sun was just starting to sink behind the ocean, it looked as if it was going into the water. And next to the ocean were houses, with smoke rising from the chimney. "Cally." "Yes?" Questioned Cally. "Will you be my best friend forever? I know we haven't known each other long, but yet it feels like we have known each other for as long as I can remember." "Mel, it feels like that for me too. So yes, of course! Best of friends forever!" They lifted their hands, outstretching their pinkies, linked them together and shook their hands, smiling. Knowing they had met the best of friends anyone could ever ask for.
The End.