Sunday, March 29, 2009

Western Heritage Center

I had never heard of the Western Heritage Center in Monroe, but now I am so glad we had the opportunity to have a visit there! This is a wonderful hands on museum in the city of Monroe. Here is a little information from their website: "The Western Heritage Center is dedicated to sharing the living history of the Snohomish River valleys. The organization will achieve this through collection, preservation and restoration of historical documents and artifacts, through interpretive displays and through creative public and educational programming." The gentlemen who guided our tours were wonderful. They grew up in the area, worked the land as well as having generations of family members before them. They were excited about the topic and it was evident as they led us around and shared all the wonderful exhibits with us. The facility is currently being expanded and I look forward to a return there when it is complete. Scott was not able to make this field trip with us, so we will be planning a family day together to see the updates. Atiras favorite part was the kitchen, which had a working pump for the sink, a working old fashioned washing machine as well as a wood burning stove for all the cooking. Jordan loved the gem mine as well as the antique guns. If you have the chance to make it out here we highly recommend it! If I remember correctly, it is either free or nearly free (donation basis) for entry, just a deal that can't be beat!


Oh decisions, decisions, so, any thoughts? Comments? We are planning on putting in a backsplash in the kitchen....finally. These are the two options we have narrowed it down to, the top one is a nice 4x4 tile, we are thinking it would be installed on an angle, a diamond pattern, or we have the octagonal tiles with brown diamonds in between. We found one other tile, but it had too much of a pink really stood out against the yellow walls so it was quickly eliminated. We are really excited to get working on this project! I will be sure to post some before and after shots when it is finished!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

oh no...

We got the.....flu! Drat it all! This family did fabulouso this year not contracting any illnesses! Then, this very past Monday, our friends dropped by to pick up their dog we were doggy sitting for the weekend. Jeff was sick, Patti was fine, but like I said, Jeff was sick. He thought it was just a bit of a cough, but oh no, after a doctor visit confirmed it, he has the flu. Which of course as of today, Patti now has as well. And so, because of the incredible similarity between symptoms, it is clear that this is the source of my kids illness and indeed they too have the flu! ACK! So, we are on an aggresive regimen of herbs and homeopathics as well as some ibuprofen to keep them comfortable. With regular sprays of Lysol and putting drops Thieves oil on our clothing, I am hoping and praying Scott and I will not come down with this as well. I am off to take a walk outside today, it is pretty  and I could use the fresh air. I am praying for a quick recovery and I know they are too. My poor kids, I really do hate seeing them sick, it is just so helpless feeling! I will try to remember to post a follow up to this when we know we have beat this icky little bug!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Ancient Hebrew Word Meanings
Faith ~ Emunah
By Jeff A. Benner

The Hebrew root aman means firm, something that is supported or secure. This word is used in Isaiah 22:23 for a nail that is fastened to a "secure" place. Derived from this root is the word emun meaning a craftsman. A craftsman is one who is firm and secure in his talent. Also derived from aman is the word emunah meaning firmness, something or someone that is firm in their actions. When the Hebrew word emunah is translated as faith misconceptions of its meaning occur. Faith is usually perceived as a knowing while the Hebrew emunah is a firm action. To have faith in God is not knowing that God exists or knowing that he will act, rather it is that the one with emunah will act with firmness toward God's will.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Well, I have learned an incredibly important lesson in life. If you whine, snivel, text, bombard, harrass, pout, tease, irritate and bother someone enough about something, you will really get what you want! HA HA!! VICTORY!!! You all may remember that I had a tiny issue with the fact that Scott got an iPod and I didn't have one. The fact that it was his birthday had no bearing on my feelings whatsoever. So what did I do? I set to work immediately. It started with whining and staring over his shoulder as he played with his new then moved to one wonderful morning when Jordan alerted me to the fact that he had left this new toy at home, unguarded, HA! This of course illicited a text to him immediately, letting him know that I was now touching said iPod since it was not being watched or guarded by anyone bigger than me. Well, sadly he never left it home again...the plan continued, a few whiny phonecalls a bit more pouting and a little bit of name calling. Then I pulled out the big guns....I posted a notice on Facebook to all my friends how I was being neglected, and some saw my difficult situation and offered comfort during my time of need. Scott saw it too. Hee hee. So, all this led up to a special day a couple of weeks back, I was busy slaving in the kitchen after schooling my children all day and cleaning the home, I may have even changed the oil on the van that day, I cannot remember clearly, as I was bustling around, I went to open the microwave to thaw out the meat, and I heard angels sing. There, sitting in my microwave (which, truthfully, I had to do a double take, I thought I lost my marbles) was this beautiful purple iPod! WOO HOO! I really was so thrilled, and honestly so surprised. It was such a sweet gift...and all the harassment immediately ceased. A double blessing. (In all reality, I did tease Scott a bit, but truthfully, he just wanted to do something so nice for me, and I am SO appreciative! What a great husband I have!! But stories like that do not make for fun blogging, so I must spice it up!!) So, here I am with my lovely little iPod, it is filled with pictures, lots of music for dancing to, and even a short movie, Jack, Jack Attack. I am so spoiled!

Birch Bay and Canada, eh

WOW! What a weekend! We headed up to the "Great White North, Eh" for a conference featuring Brad Scott of Wildbranch Ministries . We had an incredible time! It was filled with many laughs, memories and lots of incredible teaching! The top shots here are of the group in Birch Bay, that was where our condo was. It was amazing to see snow on the waters edge there, I do not recall ever seeing snow while being on the beachfront like that. It was a beautiful day, but windy, which made it rather cold. The condo was FABULOUS! Thank you to Shelly and her wonderful trendwest membership! It was a two bedroom and slept all 8 of us quite comfortably! We had a decent kitchen, which you can see and we had plenty of food for the weekend. The last picture is of Shelly and Brad, she only took this shot since she knows that Brad is my favorite teacher (so Scott and her say he is my boyfriend, like Eddie is hers) and she wanted a picture with him just to get back at me. Nice. I see she did not learn much from this conference about loving one another. I think I need to look for a conference that addresses that specifically and get her there ASAP. Anyway, you will understand this photo better if you have read my post on Eddie Chumney...she's just jealous. Not a good trait. I think she should stick to wearing peach, it is much more becoming on her than green. :) Anyway, it was an incredible weekend, I was physically and mentally drained by the time we made it home. Oh, and we were able to make it through the borders with no problems, which was really a blessing since we had to go through a total of six times! I can't wait for the next adventure!