Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gunner has his own moment....

We decided Gunner is now old enough and responsible enough to have his own pet, so we bought him a kitty! Please welcome Shaggy to our family....actually we decided we missed the dynamics we had when we still had Sheba and Critter. We loved that they were pals with one another and spent so much time together, playing, sleeping, fighting etc. We are hoping to recreate some of that with these two. Things, however, started off a bit rocky. The cat hissed and growled at Gunner in their first meeting. After a quick swipe with his claws, catching Gunners face in the swipe, Gunner miraculously transformed from a lab to a boxer. He would bob and weave, pulling his head back quickly each time he got near enough to sniff the cat. It was wonderfully hilarious! They have now fully adjusted to one another, although Gunner still has obvious feelings of rejection. He has become more needy than he usually is and has managed to get himself into some trouble. The two do enjoy times of rough housing, although Gunner gets a little rough still. Something we are working on with him. And occasionally we will find them curled up together, snoozing. Those moments are very precious and we hope to see more of those soon. I think in time, we will have them happily living together, without too much jealousy. (Mostly on Gunners side, the cat really does not care what anyone thinks.)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

a CAPITAL moment!

This was a wonderfully fun day! The whole family had the opportunity to visit the state capital! We had a tour of both the capital building as well as the supreme court. We had the camera balancing on a garbage can to get this shot...but you can hardly tell!

Here is a picture of Jordan in front of the state seal...and the following shot is of his sister..same bat place, different bat time....

Ok, this was so incredible I just had to include it in the blog...this is the chandelier that hangs in the center of the dome, it is so big that you could park a (Russ, you should appreciate this one) Volkswagon Beetle inside it! Near the top are angels, they are about 5 feet tall!

Here they are in front of the offices of the Chief Justices...marble is everywhere in this building! If you fall, it would really hurt, duh.

Ok, this shot is hard to see, but it was rather dark in here, this is the kids playing court IN the supreme court! They all had a part in a mock trial and the amazing thing was, it was a real court case and they voted exactly the same as the justices did in the same trial!

This is just outside of the law library at the back of the supreme court, it is really beautiful out here.

This year we decided to do something different with our homeschool. For the pas several years the kids have participated in a program at another homeschool center, we change for one where we have the opportunity to attend field trips every Friday, and so far it has been wonderful. This was an amazing opportunity to learn so much about our state capital, as well as a really fun family adventure. I hope to have another one of our Friday adventures posted on here soon for you to enjoy too!

a moment from a childs perspective....

Kids see the world in an entirely different way than we do. Atira took pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner...and these are the results. I love how she captured the true essence of each of us! Nice job girly!!

Sorry grandpa, somehow we lost Grandmas picture!! Nice smile though!! We love you guys!
Audra, captured in a fine pose!
Roy looks always!

Hi Grandma Joan!

Is Grandpa Curt hiding m & m's in his cheeks?

Well there's a shot of my grandma! And Jeff & his new goyl....she is so sweet!

The photographer had mercy in this next picture...had the person who took this shot knew what their picture looked like they may not have been so kind! (What a true beauty though, huh?)

Grandma cute....

Oh boy, is this how she views her brother??

I just happened to get luckier than most...
Daddy looks a little pinchy, huh?

So, we had plenty of turkeys at Thanksgiving, it was a wonderful time and wonderful memories were made....hope yours was a blessing to you as well!