Tuesday, February 14, 2006

You got to love a snow day! What a wonderful sight this morning to see our world covered in the beautiful fluffy white stuff!! We went out to play for a bit and our wonderful neighbors came out to join us. We had a memorable morning playing in the snow and even Gunner had a great time! (Snow apparently has lots of sniff quality) By afternoon it had warmed up to the mid 40's and the snow rapidly melted away. But at least we have great pictures and even better memories!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wacky Olympics

Well what a wonderful day!! We had our friends over this afternoon for a day of Wacky Olympics. To give you a bit of background information, we just completed our unit study on Greece and to celebrate we decided to have a Wacky Olympics Party, being that the Olympics originated in Greece. Our guest list included: Suzanne, Emily, Annabelle and Elizabeth, Howard, Jennifer, Krystal, Rachael & Denah, Reuben, Grandpa Curt & Grandma Joan, Grandma Sheila and of course Scott, Myself, Jordan, Atira and Gunner. We were sad not to have Michael and Andrew as well as Scott, Julie, Teigan and Jacob. Some of our friends were fighting colds....hope you guys are better soon! Our events included, poetry reading, Jordan & Atira read a passage from Psalm 139 and Emily wrote a poem and shared it with us, they all did a wonderful job! We had an art exhibit where the kids drew pictures of Olympic events, a turtle, a Greek woman. We also had jewelry displayed as well as ceramics and and entire book of drawings! It was wonderful to see so many creative things the kids all made! Next came the cotton ball blowing marathon, the straw javelin throw, the seated chair (ya know, where you sit with you back against the wall in a chair position until your thighs scream). Next came the licorice race, taking a long skinny piece of licorice and try to slurp it up first no hands allowed! We had a long jump in the hall, discus (tossing of ping pong balls into cups, very challenging!) We also saw amazing things at the cricket jump (we used ants from ants in the pants and jumped those guys!) then came wrestling, thumb that is and the events concluded with boxing, using Rockem Sockem finger Boxers of course! After all that we were STARVING! That kicked off our 'Taste of Greece' portion of the event. We tried a wonderful Greek salad, greek olives, baklava (which was a hit, but what sweet treat isn't?), pasta salad, strawberries (YUM) and grapes, pita w/ tzatziki dip and spanikopita. It was great fun, lots of good food and best of all family and friends. Thanks to everyone for helping to make our day very special!

Friday, February 03, 2006


What a fun and very special day today! Grandma Joan was coming over for a visit today and she surprised us by bringing Cousin Monique with her! We were all very happy to see her. Atira and Monique played all day long. Monique is about 1/2" taller than Atira and Atira is about 7 pounds heavier than Monique. Monique is about 15 months older than Atira is. They are such good little buddies. Speaking of buddies, Jordan had his best buddy Reuben over for the day and they had a blast too. And of course we were all happy to be able to spend some time with Grandma Joan. Posted by Picasa