Tuesday, August 18, 2009

more birthday fun

Jordan enjoys a quiet celebration for his birthday. This year he had a family gathering on Sunday afternoon, it featured his favorites, hamburgers, watermelon and corn on the cob. He chose German chocolate cake for his dessert, yuck. Works good for me however as I don't want to eat any, it is completely safe around me day or night. As a matter of fact there are three pieces still sitting there on the cake plate right now. Anyway, on Monday he wanted to just have a couple of buddies over, he chose his long time friend Reuben and then another friend came later in the day, Ezekiel. Reuben spent most of the day with us, they played video games, shot each up with airsoft guns ate lots of junk food and then some more video games. It was fun and memorable and an ideal day of celebrating. We ended the day with Jordan's choice dinner of tacos, which he was not hungry for until later because of the hot tamales, pizza and Monster Triple Chipper cookies. (He didn't even bust into the bag of Cheetos, let's hope he never finds out I bought them for him!) :) Happy Birthday Jordan! You're the BEST!
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Jordan's birthday present

What does that guy in the top picture have to do with that box of cake mix Jordan is holding? And what does all that have to do with his birthday?? Well, a couple of weekends ago Scott and I attended a homeschool conference and while we were brousing around in the marketplace we stumbled upon one of Jordan's favorite author's Chuck Black who wrote the Kingdom Series ! So of course, with his birthday coming up what a perfect time to buy the next trilogy written and of course have him sign it to him!! Which Chuck was happy to oblige us! That top picture is of Chuck signing Jordan's book and the bottom is how Scott creatively wrapped his books...in the empty cake mix box. He thought he was very clever and it was funny because Jordan did not right off guess what it was! It was a fun surprise, I could barely wait to give him the books, but I made it. (Well til Sunday at least, but that was still pretty darn good, considering his birthday was Monday!)
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Jetty Island in July

What a blustery day! This was a day we spent with our friends out on Jetty Island. The kids had such a great time building this large fort! It had several rooms and the kids really enjoyed themselves. As for me, I was very whimpy and whiny, it was cold and windy...thankfully Suzanne had a blanket and I was able to wrap up against the elements! :) It was a fun and memorable afternoon.

toooo long!

It has been far too long since my last post! Facebook is the enemy of my blog. It is so easy to upload photos there and not take time over here, so I thought I would sit and add a bit to my poor neglected blog. We had a wonderful time yesterday, the family went out to the Pilchuck River with the dogs. We hiked up and down in the river, throwing the ball for Gunner and encourging Kayli to swim in the deeper parts. Her favorite thing to do was to get out of the water and roll all around in the dirt. She was FILTHY...but VERY happy! Gunner loved the ball, that was all he wanted, throw the ball, again and again and again. That dog needs an intervention done. Atira and Jordan loved showing dad all the cool spots they regularaly play in when we are at the river lot. (We go here once a week with our friends, but we are usually on their lot which is right next door to the public access.) We were even blessed with a break in the clouds and some sunshine. It was a very nice time to spend together, I hope we have some more nice days so we can do it again.