Sunday, February 13, 2011

Keeping it Classy

Well, this one is going to be relatively short but sweet. I will do an expanded post tomorrow when I am not totally exhausted. It was an incredible day, I will tell you that much. So, be watching for all the lovely details to come. For now, I wanted to get this quick post in. Atira and I decided to join in a fun little adventure I found on a fellow bloggers site: Bramblewood Fashion. Ashley has decided to start a Keeping it Classy, Modest fashion week. The whole idea is to take a picture of your super cute, super fashionable outfit each day for 7 days and post it to your blog! I thought this was a great idea and after talking it over with my love and very fashionable daughter, we decided to play along. So, here is our Day 1 of Modest Fashion Week:

Here we are, I love my little black dress. I found this great little purple T at the thrift shop and my boots are my favorites, go to kind of boots. They make every outfit look great. The purple tights, well they are just plain fun! You can't tell very well, but I am also wearing a black beret that has sparkles on it...super cute. My sweet girl is in her new polka dot dress, which was a total surprise to her, along with some darling black ballet flats. Her hair was very fun to do, a bit of a fountain pony tail in the back, and a lovely black ribbon was criss-crossed over her head, I wish you could tell in the picture, it really came out so beautiful.

I am so glad to have this time with my daughter, working to be fashionable and at the same time modest. I love the idea of being fashionable, fun AND modest! It can be done! Modesty does not equal frumpy and I want to enjoy fashion as well as impart a sense of modesty to my daughter. I am very much looking forward to this fashion week and sharing this neat experience with one of the most fashionable and modest girls I know, my sweet Atira. ♥


Nela said...

Cute! You girls look great! :)

Rachel said...

Tina, you are always fashionable! I often think I should take you with me when I go clothes shopping. :-)

Nominated you for an award:

Marie said...

Beautiful outfits! :)

Libbi H. said...

Love it!

KatySue Pillsbury said...

You two look splendid!