Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Jordan!

This was the coolest present! It is a money tree from Honey and family! It had dollar bills rolled up and hanging from the branches! What a crackup!! The kid was very happy about this one! Can you believe he is 12 already?

Here is dad enjoying the party...great picture huh? LOL!

Birthday sister having fun!

It was a great day, filled with family and friends. Jordan picked the menu, we had hamburgers, BBQ potato chips, watermelon, plums, french fries, root beer floats and cake. Not to mention the huge bowl of mini candy bars and fruit roll ups. We were well filled with sugar and junk by the time this one ended! We all had a wonderful time. It was great to have all the family together to celebrate and a few friends as well. He made out with tons of cash, (well not tons, but more than I got at this moment!), bionicles, legos and things for his computer. He had a wonderful and memorable day and weekend combined.

the zoo

Here are the kids sitting just outside the butterfly tent at the zoo. We had a wonderful day, with beautiful weather out with our friends.

This is Jordan with his best buddy Reuben....I believe here they are sitting outside the chicken coop...Reuben loves to talk about chickens. Funny kid.

And here I am with my friend Julie P. again outside the butterly tent. It was a great day, the kids had a blast and Atira did have fun with her friend Reya too, I just did not get a picture of them together!