Sunday, February 22, 2009

More of Bub's stupid birthday

Yeah, yeah, yeah, more of his birthday. Whatever. However there is something you should know, that top picture....has his present in it. An ipod. That little ipod caused some trouble, more info will be coming soon on that adventure. I need to get some pics to help tell the whole story.
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Friday night

Friday night in our home is family time, we do many special things at home this night and they all revolve around God and our family...I just love this shot of Scott and the kids playing on the couch. I just had to post it because I think it is so cute.
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Science in action

This was our last field trip...of sorts. We went to the homeschool center and they had Science Express come in to teach. It was a fun hands on adventure, the kids were able to pan for gems, learn about the categories of the rocks, made a volcano. Really things we have done before, but they enjoyed doing it again.
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Crazy Hair Day

Homeschool PE had Crazy Hair Day this last Thursday. It was great fun getting up in the morning and working on their hair. However at the end of the day Atira's head was very tender where she had her tall "betty lou who" style pony tail on top of her head. Everytime her head moved around (with it out) she would groan...sent her off for a warm shower and she felt much better! It was a memorable day.
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Avodites or Avodhites...hmmm....

This past sabbath was an extra special blessing! A large group of us trekked out to see our former Pastor, Carl Smith along with his wife Hank and their congregation on Whidbey Island. It was wonderful to spend the day with them in worship, study and praise. A few of us also had the awesome opportunity to teach this congregation how to worship before the Lord in dance! It was great fun and they did a wonderful job! We look forward to our next visit out with them. In the above photo (for those who want to know) from left to right are the following: Tina, Atira, Carl, Hank, Scott, Shelly, Char, Jenah, Kurt, Patti, Jeff and Jordan.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


For Scott's 40th birthday we had a weekend blast! The fun started on Friday morning, I made his long time favorite breakfast biscuits and gravy (which he has not had forever due to food allergies as well as not eating pork, kinda can't find it pork free in a restaurant, KWIM? And it was a big success! Dairy and piggy free!!) We moved onto a leisurely time of bumming around the house, and slowly getting ready for our day, of which he did not know what was planned! We headed out the door and drove down to the EMP; Experience Music Project in Seattle. It was a perfect birthday surprise for him! We had never been there before so it was a true new adventure for us. Everyone had their favorite parts, the kids and I liked the hands on instruments the best, I think Scott's may have been the incredible memorabilia collection. Now that I think of it, I believe Jordan's favorite part was probably the Sci-Fi museum. I did learn to play Louie, Louie on the guitar...anyone need a wedding or bar mitzvah done? We left EMP and headed over to Red Robin, by the time we left the sun was just beginning to was a pretty view from our seat. Oh and as a bonus, we had a very interesting waiter. He was just a touch OCD (or maybe more than a touch) and I believe he may have thought Scott to be a bit of a cutie.  See, he still has "it" at forty! We made it home in pretty good time considering we were going with traffic during rush hour. That evening we came home, and had CAKE (of course we also watched the new Monk, duh)! I made my first real cake (with as much baking as I like to do you would have thought this would have happened so much sooner!) it was a delicious chocolate raspberry monster. HUGE. We barely made a dent in it that on Saturday night we took it to his parents to have them help us with it! So Saturday he had more present opening, chinese dinner and more cake with family. He also got to drive the toy you see in the photos above, they all had a blast. You will not see me in those photos, I would not mind driving it you see, but it was COLD outside and I like to be warm. Nuff said. On Sunday my mom came over and we BBQ'd up some steaks and had a nice evening together. Overall I would say he had a memorable birthday and a very fun weekend. Happy Birthday Bub! I love you!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Global Warming

Found this on a friends blog, loved it and just had to share it.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

For Shelly

Oh Shelly! This one's for you baby! You see that? Oh yeah, my phone at home and who is calling me?? Oh! I think that says Eddie Chumney! OH YEAH!

And for all of you wondering, our good friend Shelly says that Eddie is her "boyfriend" (only because she likes his teachings so darn much, she only loves him for his mind, it's disgusting!) And he has never called her house, but he did call mine! WOO HOO! Funny story, right after he called here I picked up the phone to call and rub it in, and as soon as I got out the words "guess who just called me" he called me back, so I hung up on her! Well, we could not keep Eddie waiting could we? Don't worry, I called right back and brought her up to speed. Oh, life can be so much fun some days!
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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


11-07-06 / Ground (אדמה adamah, Strong's #127): Because of the reddish color of soil this Hebrew word is derived out of the Hebrew parent root dam [str:1818] meaning blood. Another word derived from this root is adom [str:122] meaning "red" and is also another name for Esau, the son of Jacob (Genesis 25:30). Another related word is adam [str:120] meaning "man," from the blood that runs through his veins but also because adam, the first man, was taken from the adamah and his dam will return to the adamah.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Reptile Zoo

Well, this was certainly an adventure. Scott and I decided it would be fun to take the kids to the Reptile Zoo, it is not too far from home and an indoor adventure for the whole family. I realized that I really do have a fear of snakes, although I would like to pretend I don't. However when confronted with one, it's little snake tongue darting in and out at me, I had the overwhelming urge to pull my hand back in horror. However I had a daughter standing there who I could see was freaked out so I had to be the brave mom and show her it could be done! And I did it. And to be truthful, once I got over the initial ew-iness of it all, it was not too bad. However I still did not like it's head pointing at me or my flesh, I would hold it's body but keep it's head pointing some other direction. Atira held one too and I am very proud of her, although I think she was feeling just like me, ew. We saw many amazing things today like cobras, crocodiles, turtles and tortoises, so many snakes, cocroaches (which they say make great pets, I would like to know who thinks that this is an accurate statemtent? Since when do we assemble an entire group of people for a career called pest control and they say that one of their A-listers are considered good pets?) , a scorpion (which did creep me out to see too), lizards and well I think you get the idea. The turtles were cute, but the rest, well not so much. It was still a fun adventure and we were all glad to go.

Holiday Xtravaganza

Our homeschool program is run through the public school system. This is the place where we have the opportunity to go on so many amazing field trips. In December they had decided to have a Holiday Extravaganza, which we have skipped in the past since we do not celebrate xmas and that really is the focus of it. However this year they wanted to do something different. They wanted to have a party highlighting the various cultures and backgrounds of the families that make up the homeschool center. They asked me if I would be willing to participate and have a table showing what we do. After Scott and I talked about it we decided to decline as we felt sure they were looking for a more cultural experience and anything we had to share was going to come from a very biblically based foundation. We were also pretty sure since they are apart of the public school system that would not be acceptable. After a quick little meeting with a couple of the teachers, they decided they were still interested in having me participate with a table! I was so surprised! So, after talking it over with Scott we really felt it was meant to be, if the Lord was opening this door and opportunity to share, then who are we to not walk on through it? I created a presentation board which is the top photo. It is filled with information about the prophetic nature of Hanukkah as well as the evidence that the God that created this world has in the past redeemed and sustained His people and will do so again in the future. I had on my table my bible highlighting the fact the Yeshua (Jesus) celebrated this very feast as well as books that I like to use to help understand the festivals better. And last I had a little book that I wrote and a friend made beautiful by adding graphics to it, and to my utter surprise someone wanted a copy of it! It is just a little guide on how to celebrate the eight nights of Hanukkah with family activities and scriptures to meditate on. It turned out to be an incredible event. It also so happens I had an error on my board. I had left off the last line to the story of the Maccabees, which turned out to be wonderful because those that took the time to read it wanted to know the rest which opened the door for discussion! WONDERFUL! The kids had a great time as well. The middle picture is of Atira dancing a traditional dance (or is it a game?) from the Phillipines. And below that is at least a token shot of Jordan watching the kids...had to prove he was there right? What a blessing this was to be able to attend, and to think how resistant I was to begin with?! That's how it goes so often, things that are really meant for you to do, missions from the Lord are often the ones you go on kicking and screaming. You'd think I'd learn.
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