Sunday, May 28, 2006

It's raining....'s a day to behold in May. It's raining. A lot. Dang. I want some sunshine.

And here is your sunshine! Atira was in a performance last Thursday night. She took a chorus class at the homeschool center. Her group of K-3rd graders sang the following top hits:

*Scales & Arpeggios
*Gonna Build a Mountain
*Bought Me a Cat
*Rubber Ducky, in which they played the kazoo and squeezed rubber duckies
*Speed Bonnie Boat

She did an excellent job, and had a good time up there. Her comfort on stage is really astounding. She had no trouble adjusting her tights (of course at the crotch) or itching her nose at any given moment throughout the performance. It was really cute and we all had to giggle. Wouldn't it be great to be able to fix our underwear whenever it bothered us? Right there on stage when everyone is watching? Well, kids can even if we can't and just look how happy and carefree they are. A good lesson to be learned. We had lots of friends and family who came to cheer her on, Grandma Sheila, Grandma Joan, Grandpa Curt, and we brought the neighbor kids with us as well, Bailey, Brianna and Ryan. It was a very fun time. Scott and I took all the kids out for milkshakes after, 5 vanilla's please! Sorry the pictures are not better, we have the movie too. If I ever become savvy enough on this computer, maybe I will figure out how to upload a short clip of video for you all to see and HEAR!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I kicked his butt...

Ok, we have started having "1 point matches" and sometimes "3 point matches" in martial arts. Basically that is where you spar and try to make points by pretending to hit your opponent. You get so many points depending on where you hit them (although you really don't make contact). So today, I was sparring, and I totally creamed my opponent. Within 3 seconds of beginning the match I was called as winner (and he as loser)! I just sent a nice right punch to the face and did a successful pull back (completing the punch) and I got the point! I was mighty proud of myself. I had good eye contact, completed my punch, good form and I won. Does it matter to me that the kid was 8? Not really, I still creamed him. Then I got called out for nearly actually hitting my next opponent in the face. Ooops. I did not realize I was that close! Well, better luck next time. And did I mention that I have now bled for my sport? Yeah, I was sparring the other day and a teenager, WAY bigger than me, somehow ripped the skin on my pinky, and so, I have bled for my sport. I think it is a sign of how committed I am to it or something. So there is my martial arts update...still loving it and I am well on my way to my hands becoming lethal weapons. Sweet.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Jordan & his buddy Reuben


Well, there is nothing like having a best friend. Jordan and Reuben are just that, best friends. These two get on the phone and start plotting how to get together. Then when they have a plan, they go into action, schmoozing the moms and then getting us to talk to one another. Playing on our emotions, they are excellent at what they do! So, here is a nice picture of these two boys, what are they doing you might ask? Well, they decided to stuff pillows into their clothes so they could ram into each other and look like goobers. Didn't they do a nice job? It was actually hilarious, especially when I said "hey, getting a little rough there" and Reuben looks at Jordan and says, "geez, yeah, you just hauled off and rammed into me, chill". Of course to which I replied, "oh you mean like you did when you first started playing this game?" All I heard from him was "giggle giggle". Hmmm. That's what I thought. Having Reuben over is a lot like having one less kid here, those two just dissapear into their own world and only come up for food. Ah yes, food the air of the growing pre teen boy. Although I do have to say my boy eats less when Reuben is here and perhaps that is why he eats so much when he is not. He is preparing his body like a bear prepares for hibernation. HA! Ok, well there is my blog update...sorry about the delay. Maybe I will surprise you with another one later this week as a bonus for being such a slacker. Posted by Picasa