Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Atira turns 6

Wow, she is six already. June 5th Atira turned 6. She had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday she had a rollerskating party. It was great fun and all her friends and some family was there to celebrate with her.

Picture it: 8:00 AM, June 5, 2006, a little girl who has snuck her way into her parents bed begins to stir. Mom lays there watching the little angel as she wiggles and stretches a bit. In a flash, her little fists go flying up above her head hitting the pillow as she says "TODAY'S THE DAY!" It was great, what a way to wake up. And what a nut!

Her party was wonderful, we roller skated for 3 hours and then had cake, ice cream, root beer and cheese pizza. Opened many gifts and enjoyed the company of our friends and family. She wrote out thank you cards and took the last one and secretly wrote out "Thanks mom and dad for a great party". It was so very sweet of her. I love that girl so much. For all of you far away, we missed having you here...and we think of you often.

Happy Birthday to my Little Girl! I love you Atira!! My big 6 year old!