Saturday, December 20, 2008

That is too freakin' cold

This is just too freakin' cold to believe. Can you see that? 9.1 degrees? I cannot remember if I have ever woke up and saw a single digit temperature on the thermometer before. And guess what? There is a storm rolling in today. A big one. So far this winter is just so much fun I could spit. I have been stuck in this house for a week straight. My two exciting excursions have been, 1. to the grocery store and 2. to the vet because Shaggy was sick. Woo freakin' hoo. My psyche is being gnawed at by the bitter cold and icicles hanging outside my house. My hair is overdry and I am starting to look a little like Einstein. Let's hope things thaw out soon....
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~ Denise ~ said...

Wow! You're absolutely right! Too freakin' cold!

I don't know if it was that cold down this way this morning, but it was certainly bitter enough to cramp my hands immediately upon leaving the front door and walking the short 15 paces to the van! UGH!!!

I sure hope we don't lose power tonight w/ the storm. That would just beat all, now wouldn't it?

C'moooon, SPRING!!!!! Hurry it up!

barretts6 said...

I've seen 9 before, but I was in the Rocky Mountains not mild-weathered WA! Have you just gotten lots of snow, hope you got out of the house this weekend.

I haven't been able to drive at all, too crazy in the mini-van. Michael keeps taking his life in his hands to just go to the bus stop. This is crazy and needs to stop, can you do something about this!!

Stay warm and dry!