Thursday, December 18, 2008

Moments playing in the snow

Whew, we have a lot of snow! I decided to take the kids out today for a walk through our neighborhood. We have been at home for far too long and we needed a little outdoor adventure besides our thrilling excursion to the grocery store! They have been out everyday playing in it, but I just needed relief from my own four walls. So here is how our walk went....

This first picture is by the little park in our neighborhood, followed by a picture of the lake.

The two in the woods are in our backyard greenbelt, followed by two shots of Atira on our walk. Finally, Jordan having fun in the snow. We have a great walking path that comes down from another development, it is a nice smooth hill, perfect for sledding down. Which they did with enthusiasm! Funny, when we were walking I kept hear complaints of how tired their legs were. They seemed to feel better when I suggested that we skip the hill so they would not be too exhausted to make it home. Miraculous.

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