Thursday, December 18, 2008

SO SNOWY moments

In our backyard greenbelt
Looking out our front door
Looking off of our front deck across the way

Incredible. Beautiful. Playful. Miraculous. *** Cold. Frustrating. Difficult. Interruption.
The snow has been incredible, on many levels. The kids have had the most fun these last couple of days. They get up early, work on their homeschool lessons and then take a break to meet the neighbor kids outside to play for a couple of hours. Come in for lunch, finish their school day and then back out to play. We have taken walks to enjoy the beauty and to save my sanity since I do not drive in it, I am stuck at home until this clears or Scott takes me out. We have had numerous plans cancelled due to the snow, which left me having a nice sized pity party for an entire day. The next day I was just cranky and a bit short tempered. I have now resigned myself to being a hermit until the spring thaw. We had plans coming up for this weekend as well, and as far as I can tell things will not be thawed out enough by then. I have had two outings since this winter storm has come our way. One was to the grocery store, whoopee! The other was for our cat, Shaggy. He is in the pet hospital right now with a bladder infection. Poor guy. Poorer wallet. However he is doing fine and will be home tomorrow, we can't wait to have him back. He is the most incredible cat and we miss him. They say by Tuesday we should hopefully see 40 degrees....perhaps things will start to thaw and continue that way for at least a little while. I think winter is here and I think this may just be a real winter this year. Not like the wimpy seasons we have had for, well, quite some time now. Doesn't someone want to come and visit me, that is chicken of driving in the snow??? I'm a mama on the edge over here! HELP!
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barretts6 said...

What great pictures! Lots of snow, I'm sure the kiddos are having fun, don't listen to the "voices".
from one snowbound mom to another,