Friday, December 12, 2008

A moment on the ice

ICE SKATING! Mama doesn't ice skate, so you won't see her out there....but here are my beautiful children! Oh, and Elizabeth of course, sporting her beautiful ice skating outfit and she is the only one in the family with her own skates. This was a very fun adventure, for the kids, they loved ice skating, seeing all their friends. So, what about mom? Oh, well, it is TOO COLD to just hang around in an ice rink, I was freezing, had the too cold runny nose thing happening, my hands were little blocks of ice and I was, quite honestly, getting a bit cranky about sitting there. Yes, I could have got out on the ice and moved my hiney. I love to roller skate, so why not? Well, I may love roller skating but I am not at all a fan of ice skating, those puppies can go any ole direction and I like all my limbs attached just as they are thank you. So, I sent my kids out there instead! It was a fun day but my favorite part was leaving and heading to Starbucks after for hot cocoas for Jordan and Atira and a nice lovely hot cup of tea for me!
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