Friday, July 02, 2010


Delish, huh?! For probably years now Scott has wanted a waffle maker. This past Sunday, Fathers Day, we were watching QVC and they had on this fabo waffle maker, you know the kind, they are in all the hotels with breakfast bars. Since I had not purchased him anything for dad's day, I popped up, went online ordered this baby up and printed off the receipt handing it to him with "Happy Fathers Day" written across the front. He was very happy and very excited. So, the wait began. We were all given strict instructions to keep our paws off his new waffle maker when it shows up while he is at work. Of course for the kids and I that is the ultimate challenge. He might as well have begged us to touch it all up and get it greasy and used up before he gets his first chance to use it! Well, as it turns out, it showed up minutes before he walked in the door (and minutes after I walked out it). So, while I was out and about, I receive a picture text showing his shiny, gleaming new waffle maker sitting on the counter. Since dinner was done for this particular day it was quickly voted that waffles would be for dinner the very next night. And so it was! These are shots of Scott using his beautiful waffle maker, he really did enjoy himself. We had quite a variety of toppings from strawberries to bananas and of course syrup. On the side (in case you are wondering) are the fabulous and way too fatty beef sausages from walmart..of all places! It was a lot of fun and I can't wait for this weekend...more WAFFLES! :)


momma24 said...

We love waffles! We don't have a fancy Belgian waffle maker but one that will make four at a time! With four kids and a hubby that want to eat them NOW I needed something fast! Enjoy those waffles. :-D

Denise said...

Right now I am wishing I had not looked at these photos! I am currently watching my carbs, and these waffles look soooo good! LOL
I am new to the Crew this year, and just stopping by to say hello!