Friday, July 02, 2010

My Beautiful Girl

I decided with the many events we have planned during July I better get some things out of the way, one of those was haircuts for Atira and myself. Yesterday we were at my salon and the wonderful gal who does my hair had time to take Atira...what a blessing! This is the cut she received and I just LOVE it! She looks absolutely beautiful....dontcha think? :) Atira thinks it makes her look a bit like Patty Duke..which by the way, she is loving that show. Cracks me up, my kids adore I Love Lucy too (and honestly so do I!). So, now the boy is next on the "chopping block". But he will just get a trim on those incredible curls he is developing!


Rachel said...

Very cute!

Briana said...

Her hair looks nice. And yes she is beautiful. She looks like a sweetie.

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