Thursday, July 08, 2010

Bathing Suit Moments

So, after hunting around last year for a more modest bathing suit, I found a pattern for a very cute, however a bit frumpish style. I made it last year and we liked it, Atira alternated between that suit and a pair of board shorts and rash guard shirt, which is also very cute and modest as well. However this year, Atira and I decided to reinvent our pattern and create something new and fun with it...losing the frump factor.

This is what we came up with! Thanks to my sweet friend Chloe and her fabulous surging machine (as well as her incredible skills), we made what I think is quite a cute little suit! What I love about this style is that Atira can wear it out and about, as well as for swimming or playing in the yard, at the beach or river. We split the original pattern which was a dress and leggings into a pair of leggings with the skirt attached (which she can shorten or lengthen but scrunching the waist and then a more tunic style top. What you cannot see is the fabulous fabric! It is full of pink sparkles, she says she looks like a salmon...very cute.

So, Chloe and I plan on making a few more of these for the other girls in our lives and continue to work on bumping up the fun hip look while still maintaining this wonderful level of modesty!

This was such a super fun project, I am really looking forward to working on them again. And who knows...perhaps we make a few extra to see if we can make a few dollars on the side!


Heidi said...

Super cute! You girls did a great job. It's nearly impossible to find modest swimwear these days.

Pink Slippers said...

Thanks Heidi! It was so easy..and truthfully, I made the first one last year on my regular machine with a zigzag stitch. This one came out a lot cleaner and more "store bought" looking, which Atira really loves.

Carrie said...

Very cute Tina...I would love one for much would you charge for one?

Pink Slippers said...

Hey Carrie!
Would love to make one for Grace. Price? Well, it would depend on the cost of the fabric truthfully...let me talk to Chloe and get back to you! Thanks! ♥

Rachel said...

Tina, I love this! I am so not happy with the suit we bought Alex this year.