Wednesday, July 07, 2010

In His Word Wednesday

YHWH (יהוה YHWH, Strong's #3068): Virtually all translations from Judaism and Christianity use "the LORD" for the Hebrew name of God - YHWH. The original pronunciation of the name can never be determined with complete accuracy but in Hebraic thought it is the meaning of a name that is more important than its pronunciation. The Hebrew YHWH is the verb hawah meaning "to exist" with the prefix y meaning "he." Therefore, the word YHWH means "he exists." YHWH is the one who exists every where every time.

What I love about looking at the Bible from the ancient Hebrew language is how the scriptures open up in a very dynamic way. Our English language is just not sufficient to convey the deeper meanings of the text. The Bible is truly a diamond, with many facets and when you get out your jewelers loop to examine it more closely you are abundantly blessed with the beautiful rich gems found within it's pages. I hope you enjoy taking a deeper look at God's name, He Exists and I am so thankful for the opportunity to get to know Him more intimately!

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