Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Seriously? WOW!

Beautiful Blogger Award

WOW! So my sweet friend ♥Denise♥ has given me the Beautiful Blogger award! I was so completely surprised that I did not realize that is what she meant by her email! How silly of me! I was happy for her and her achievement and completely agree with her receiving it, however it never entered my mind for a moment that I would be the recipient of one! (So apparently I owe Denise a big ole' cup o chai tea now...ya know, the big payoff!) ;0)

Now according to the rules, the recipients of this award must complete the following tasks:

1) Add a link and note of thanks to the person giving the award
2) Pass the award on to the bloggers whose blogs you love (15 tops)
3) Share 7 things about yourself

So, seven things about me? Who cares?? But here goes!

1. I love, love, love to DANCE! I have been blessed to coordinate and teach Messianic dance and look forward to my time worshiping before Him in the dance. (However I don't think this was a big secret...but it is still something about me!)

2. I love foreign languages, but always quit them when it comes to grammar. I stink at the grammar. Currently I am learning Hebrew....and struggling with the GRAMMAR! ACK! (so for the count, I have studied Sign Language, Spanish and Hebrew...and I am currently still working on English, but that's only because I have to since I homeschool my kids)

3. My favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Phish Food. By it for me and you will be my BFF. (At least until the pint is gone, oh, and don't expect me to share.)

4. I love to bake. A lot. But then I eat it.

5. I workout every weekday. Please refer to numbers 3 & 4 above. I also have workout ADD. I need to change up my workouts all the time or I get bored very easily.

6. I'm allergic to turkey. I know it's weird but true.

7. The Bible is truly my favorite book to read, every time I open it's pages new gems come flying out at me and put me in total awe of the God I serve. It is just an incredible gem full of facets and layers that I never knew existed before about 7 years glad He healed my blindness and has shown me the beauty in His amazing Word!

Ok, so I am now supposed to pass the fun along..the thing is...Denise stole all my favorites and awarded them the Beautiful Blogging Award already! But that is a good thing...I am still getting to know a lot of these awesome mommy bloggers and it has been a joy. So, perhaps when I have had a chance to get to know some of these blogs a bit better I will pass this along later!


Rachel said...

Yay, Tina. (I didn't put you on my list because well, you were already on Denise's.) :-) Yup, turkey is an unusual thing to be allergic to but any food is a possibility.

~ Denise ~ said...

Hee hee!!! You're so funny, Tina. And oh so deserving of this award...even if it took you awhile to realize you'd won it! ;)

Yes, I'll gladly swap a chai in exchange for a tub of Phish food. ;) Then we can "workout" by way of power-couponing afterwards. Hee hee! Sound good? :)

Pink Slippers said...

Thanks Rachel! :)

Sounds good Denise...let the party begin! WOO HOO!! I'll bring a spoon!