Thursday, January 22, 2009

Katherine Grace Bond

I was not so sure about this particular field trip when we were told about it. First of all it wasn't really a field trip, we were heading off to the school to meet and hear from author Katherine Grace Bond. Second, I had never heard of her before. Hm. Well, it turned out to be a very fun adventure! She read us one of her stories "Legend of the Valentine". It was a lovely story about a black boy attending a mostly white school during the time of segregation. He runs into a school bully over and over and all of the other kids side with the bully. One day he comes home and his mom brings out paper and supplies to create valentines. The little boy is very sad and angry, telling his mom he has noone to give them to because nobody likes him. In the end his Grandmother counsels from the bible, telling him to love his enemy and to share with him a valentine anyway. The story ends with the other children sticking up for him in front of the bully and things really turn around. A very sweet story, with a wonderful lesson. This picture is of Atira being interviewed as the character from her story a girl named Joy Ann who is from England. It was a wonderfully funny little interview as she played her role. This week the kids are finishing their stories at home and will come in costume to perform as their character. I am really looking forward to watching this progression of their stories, wonderfully creative!
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