Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy Feast of Dedication!

We had a wonderful eight nights of celebrating the Feast of Dedication aka Hanukkah. Each night we lit candles, ate a fun and scrumptious dinner, read the scriptures and had a family activity. I think on this night we played dreidel, but my favorite night was when we each drew the temple menorah based only on what we read in the bible. It was incredible to see how differently we each interpreted the verses and what incredibly different drawings we came up with! We enjoyed having friends and family over on different nights, ate traditional latkes as well as not so traditional foods that we just enjoy. It is such a precious time to remember the awesome acts of our God, His promises and evidence of His care for us. As well as the promise of a future for us as we celebrate the evidence of His past victories, we know He will overcome in future battles as well! I also love the significance of the light, each night our Hanukkah menorahs have one more candle added, each night our light grows. So symbolic of us, and how as each day passes our light should also grow and become more brilliant for Him who has redeemed us and given us the Light of life!
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