Thursday, January 22, 2009


I wish I could express my emotions with this picture. They are of excitement, disbelief, utter suprise, giggling and so on. Why? Well, this girl in the photo with our daughter Atira is another girl named ATIRA! We thought we held the exclusive on that one. In her eight years of life we have not yet met another nor have I found one on the internet and yes, I do periodically look. The fact that her name was the same and spelled the same caused all kinds of excitement in our family. As the story goes, we had headed down to a Messianic congregation called El Shaddai for the day (a good 1 1/2 from our house). When we got there we signed the kids in for the children's program. Shortly after someone came up and said "oh, we have an Atira here!". Yeah right, is what went through my pea brain. I am thinking sure, Atera, Tera, Utara, Atara etc etc. Not Atira. Finally a girl comes up and grabs our Atira asks if she can take her to meet the other one and sure enough there she is! Same spelling and all! Only she is about 9 years older! Her parents named her that for similar reasons as ours too! They have very similar likes and dislikes, it was really quite incredible. She was also the sweetest girl, very personable and a joy to visit with. Pretty incredible!
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