Thursday, January 22, 2009

Expanders and brothers

Yesterday we had the joy of purchasing an expander for Atira. It looks like a retainer only it is used to widen and change the structure of the upper jaw and roof of the mouth. The results will hopefully be space for her teeth to fit, so the ones that are pushed forward will hopefully fall back into place. And we are also hoping this will greatly reduce or eliminate her need for braces all together, only time will tell. Anyway, she has this appliance put in, practices taking it in and out. She is sad and does not like how it feels. She keeps negotiating for ways to take it off, break times etc. A couple of tears fall as she realizes this is for full time wear until it has done it's job. Her speech is greatly affected and she is very unhappy about this. I keep reassuring her that it will improve as time goes on and she adjusts to it. Finally the dentist chimes in:
"Atira, your tongue needs to learn it's new placement with the expander in. You will have trouble talking for a while."
Jordan, her ever loving brother shoots in there "THANK YOU!!"
Of course we all busted up giggling, I told Jordan he will need to write the dentist a thank you note. As it turned out that was all that was needed and Atira's tears were turned into giggling and thoughts of revenge. What a wonderful day.

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~ Denise ~ said...

That's exactly like something Sierra would say! Ha ha!

Poor Atira. It'll be over soon, Sweetie. And I hope you don't have to go through *years* of braces like I did...ugh!