Saturday, January 10, 2009


MY GOODNESS! What happens after we have record breaking snow fall? Flooding. Lots of it. These photos are taken as we drove around the Snohomish to Everett area. On Thursdays the kids have homeschool PE. We left our home around 12:30 as we went through Snohomish we saw the flooding and the exits were closed off the highway. We made it fine to our class and I was asking the other moms if they heard when the river should crest and they were saying not until 10pm. So, we headed home after class and what we saw was that first photo up on top. Road closed. Thankfully I had a friend who had taken a different route and after calling her she gave me a sneaky way around (not the longggggg way). On our drive home we caught more of these photos, thanks Jordan for helping to take pictures! Yesterday we got a call from Lynn, who asked us if we wanted to see downtown Snohomish, so off we headed for that too! INCREDIBLE! The last two shots are from the river running right behind the main drag through Snohomish. The kids thought the "road closed" sign was kind of funny, after all it is almost covered half way in water! We have also had frinds who have damage from the flooding and I am sure there are many more. We are so sorry for all of those losses. Water is an incredible thing. It is life giving and a blessing, but too much of it and it causes death and destruction. What an amazing winter we have had this year and we are only in the beginning of January.
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