Sunday, December 11, 2005

Her first performance!

It was an event to remember and certainly a moment to share with friends and family! (If this were written up in a newspaper it might look something like this:) "Announcing Washingtons newest star, Atira, in her first performance playing the color "Red" in the musical performance of the "Color Factory". She plays the riveting character "Red" one of the three primary colors, without her so many other colors would just not be possible. In her flawless performance her character learns the importance of mixing with other colors (and of course black and white) to create all the beautiful colors God has created in the rainbow. She sang a solo part as well as really making the viewer feel joy, sadness, and really getting to know intimately the hum-drum life that a solid color can live. With her red hair and stunning red costume, she was born to play this part. Kudos Atira on a job well done! Be watching this little rising star as she is sure to make a mark in the lives of all who know her!" The audience included the following loved ones: Mom, Dad, Brother, Grandma Sheila, Grandpa Leo, Grandma Joan, Grandpa Curt, Honey, Teigan, Jacob, Kyla, Bailey, Ryan, Brianna, Jennifer, Crystal, Rachael, Denah. Thank you all for making this night unforgettable! Posted by Picasa

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