Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A shining moment!

Well, what a wonderful evening, pride of accomplishment was in the air! I will start my little story back a few weeks ago....We signed our children up for swimming lessons, very important for children to learn to swim. Our daughter (who is 5) started in the beginning classes, no problems there. Our son (10) had to drop back 2 classes because he was unable to do a successful back glide, he can swim and do other things that are required of this class, but not hold that elusive back glide. Well, normally that would not be too bad, but we are attending swimming with our neighbors, whose son was one class ahead of Jordan, and he is only 5 years old. Ouch. It was a wonderful opportunity to show our son that things like this do not matter, but it hurt him to be behind his little neighbor buddy when he thought he would start out ahead. It was a humbling moment for him, but made for a wonderful life lesson. We would discuss it a lot, especially how we are all different, in our learning styles and succeses. He still struggled for the next few weeks until tonight, victory after patience! The tester came by and asked Jordan to do a few moves, the next thing we know he went from starting out in level 2 and bumped up to......LEVEL 4!!! Woo Hoo! He was a happy boy! And we were happy for him. Still having to guide him through humbling sharing his news with his little neighbor buddy so as not to hurt his feelings, he did a great job and enjoyed a well deserved reward for hard work and diligence.

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