Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Good boy Gunner!

Does anyone know how often I clean up urine? Well, A LOT! I should share that we recently acquired a darling little puppy, a black lab to be specific, we named him Gunner. He is really cute, and goes potty a lot. When he drinks, the kids sound the alarm that he is reloading and we have now extended his name to "Squirt Gunner". Anyway, while he is still learning when and where to go I clean up the large majority of potty around this house. Things have been getting much better around here, although we still have our share of daily accidents. It is a bit like potty training my kids, only they have both been out of diapers for years now, and we never swatted them with a rolled up newspaper for mistakes. Well....tonight was an interesting development. Little mister "Gunner" did all the appropriate signals that he wanted to go out to potty, GOOD BOY! So, being the dedicated mommy I am to both child and beast I hopped up, leashed him up and ran him outside all the while bathing him in praise for doing so well. After he finished both jobs (extra good boy this time!) we ran up the stairs and opened the door to quite the surprise, my 5 year old daughter was sitting on our lidded little garbage can in my laundry room with potty running down in a nice little stream. Oh the joy. I must say it is 11pm so she was really asleep and just looking for something that resembled a toilet, close call, wish the lid had been up for once though. Well, the dog was still a good boy, but I still ended up cleaning up the potty. It could have been worse, and I did get a nice giggle from the irony of it all.*****P.S. If you know me personally and have children, please don't let them read this, the little precious girly of this story would be very upset with me if she knew I posted this! THANKS!

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