Thursday, December 08, 2005

Blessed is the name....

While driving home today the kids and I were listening to Lenny & Varda Harris CD Torah is Life. They have a wonderful song "Blessed is the Name". Here is a sneak peek at a bit of the lyrics: "Blessed is the name, blessed is the name, blessed is the name of the Lord", then it repeats this in Hebrew "Baruch Shem, Baruch Shem, Baruch shem Adonai". We were singing and discussing the meaning of the phrase in Hebrew and after a few quiet moments Atira (my daughter) pipes up with this question:

"Is Blessed really God's name?".

Then came from me....."giggle giggle" You know, I just love a kids perspective on life. They see things so differently than we do it keeps things fresh. I am sure to her that song could have just as easily said "Atira is the name, Atira is the name, Atira is the name of my daughter". Kids crack me up.

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