Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In His Word Wednesday

Things have been so busy around here I have neglected my posts on Hebraic studies.

So here is the word for today:

Amen (אמן amen, Strong's #543): World wide this is the most famous of all Hebrew words. But, do we know what it means? This word comes from the root aman [str:539], pronounced ah-mahn, and means to be firmly planted in place such as can be seen Isaiah 22:23 which speaks of a "nail fastened to a secure place." The noun form, amen, pronounced ah-mehn, is used in the Biblical text by persons who are affirming a statement. In other words, they are saying I am firmly agreeing with what has been said. The next time we say amen, let's think about what we are agreeing to.

I believe his last statement is incredibly important. Today we hear this word thrown around like a high five. However when we pronounce it we are confirming whatever is being said as our own faith, and we need to make sure we are in agreement with the statement before we shout out an amen to it. Can I get an amen?? ;0)

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Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing this. I honestly never really thought about what amen means. I will now be thinking about it when I say it. So amen to your post.