Monday, August 16, 2010

A blessed life

What a summer! So, here are a few updates.....

A sweet day, helping our friend Char move. We are truly blessed with an amazing spiritual family...God is good! And now, Char is settled in her new place, I need to get over there soon and see it!

Jordans buddy Peter had his 13th bday at the Museum of Flight, here are a few of us in the group in the elevator with a nifty mirror ceiling, I HAD to take a picture of us! How cool is that??!!

Atira floating in space, what a showoff! ;0)

Jordan checking out the controls....
And the staff at Red Robin sings Happy Birthday to the teen!
Moving along....Atira and her friends had a wonderful time jumping on the trampoline in the liquid sunshine of Seattle! Silly wabbits!
And we cannot forget the River Lot! I don't have many pictures of it because I am usually just enjoying the company and beauty of the day, but I did capture this moment of the girls playing in the sand. Love the river lot, I know my children will grow up having very fond memories of these years and spending time with their friends here. What a blessing the Wilcox family has been to share this with us! ♥

Nothing quite like family memories....beautiful, heartwarming, touching. And isn't it bonding when a niece and her uncle are so looks? (Or incredibly weird....and a bit disturbing?)

Happy 15th Birthday Jordan! What a fun and HOT day! The boys gathered up at our house, loaded up all their ammo and weaponry and headed off to the woods and shot up some amazing targets that Grampa Curt made! A few hours later, they all arrived home, safe and happy having had a wonderful day. I think this was an ideal bday celebration for Jordan. He and his buddy talked long into the night about the adventure, and both of these boys are not big talkers. So, for them to spend, hours must have been some kind of day! So, tomorrow is Jordans actual bday, we will be celebrating by taking him out shopping (with his bday money) to pick up some much desired items he has had on his list. He is a thoroughly happy and very spoiled 15 year old young man. Praise God for such an amazing son....we are truly blessed!

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