Sunday, June 27, 2010


AMAZING! Our sweet little princess had a successful sleepover at her Granny Sheilas last night. We are so proud of her! She stayed up to after 1AM, got up at 7:45AM and had a wonderful time! She came home happy, tired and a bit messier than when she left, all signs of a fabulous time spent with her Granny.
Check out this plan! Atira and a friend of hers that lives a distance from us planned to purchase a panda bear to share. The way it works is that they will build a blog together. They will take turns with "Bamboo" snapping photos of adventures she is on while at one home and all their adventures will be uploaded to the shared blog. A month later Bamboo will be shipped off to her alternate owner who will in turn do the same thing! Isn't that fabulous? I just loved this idea a lot, I think it is a great adventure for the girls. I will keep you posted how it goes!


Rachel said...

What a great idea-the panda. My kids didn't have their first overnight anywhere until 3 years ago (so Nate was 7 and Alex was 5) not even a family members house. But for our 10th anniversary Oystein and I decided to try one night in Seattle, just the two of us. The kids did great with my mom and now we've tried to make it an annual tradition that at least once a year the kids stay at my or Oystein's moms house and we have a night to ourselves!

Pink Slippers said...

Yeah, we have never been big into overnighters...but one here and there is fun.

That was nice you all had such a nice blessing for your 10th.