Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In His Word Wednesday

A while back I was regularly adding a Hebrew word a week into my blog. I did this for several reasons, 1. I thought my readers would enjoy the insights found in the language; and 2. it was helping me expand my vocabulary and kept me studying the language. Well...as we often do, I got busy and stopped doing the entries. I have missed the study and would like to resume it. So, I thought I would create a weekly entry and title it "In His Word Wednesday". This way, I know each Wednesday I need to have something ready to post about the Word of God. This week I am posting this little video clip, the first of several discussing the ancient Hebrew language. I will also be adding words from this website to my blog and perhaps an occasional teaching I have written to share with you. The following video comes from a wonderful site filled with great information. Enjoy today video installment and be watching for more in the weeks to come!
To learn more about Ancient Hebrew Research visit http://www.ancient-hebrew.org/


Anonymous said...

Very interesting! Thank you so much for sharing - I've always been fascinated by the Hebrew language. I'm following you on Google Friend, so I can keep up with these posts.

I also wanted to welcome you to the Crew - hope you have a very blessed year!

Lisa C. from the Crew

Pink Slippers said...

Thanks you Lisa, for the warm welcome and becoming a follower on my blog! So glad you were blessed with the Hebrew information I am sharing. I hope you continue to learn more and it deepens your walk!