Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm a nerd

So, here's the deal. A couple of months back my good friend and TOS Crew mentor, Denise, started blathering on and on about this ridiculous fad of couponing. ;) (You know I love you!) Pretty soon however, she started posting fancy little pictures of her major scores and before you know it I was starting to wonder if there really could be something to this. I asked her to send me some info, which she very generously did, however I was still not quite "getting it". Then, last night on my monthly girls night out with my longest time friend Julie (I would put a fancy link on her name too, however she does not have a blog or other such thing to link to, bummer) started up with how she took a class on this couponing craze and I of course shared about my little bit of experience with Denise. Now, what's different this time? This time I had a hands on experience As a good couponer that Julie is already becoming she of course had her binder right in her car "just in case". So, off we went, out to the car to sit and ooh and aah over all of the lovely money making slips of paper. Directly after receiving a second full lesson (since Denise already gave me one....apparently I need two, and a mentor) we headed gleefully off to the nearest grocery store securing ourselves an additional cache of coupons for collecting. With instructions from my friend I went home, built a coupon binder with sections and fancy baseball card holder sheets filled with my new found hobby, I then went to my source for all information and stayed up until 1AM watching videos and reading about all the bargains that can be found out there couponing.

Now, one thing I have to share, one of my personal hangups was "I don't use most of the products that are found in coupons". I have heard others say it as well. To my utter surprise, there were coupons our there for a TON of things I DO USE!! Now, we try to eat a healthier diet, but we also do enjoy fun stuff here and there...and if I can get that fun stuff for a bargain, WHY NOT? Another thing I learned, use these bargains for non food items to stockpile gifts and such...GREAT IDEA!

So, here we go, my very first "shop". And boy, what a RUSH!!!!

Albertsons, thanks to Denise telling me it was double coupon day......
Best Foods Mayo $4.39 on sale for $1.99
Had coupon worth $.75 but doubled it! Got the mayo for just $0.49!!

Pop Secret Popcorn $3.29 on sale 10/$10
Had coupon for $0.50 but doubled it! Got both for $1.00!

Bathroom cleaner on clearance for $2.59
Had coupon for $1 but doubled it! Got it for $0.59!

Add on my tax of .22 and the grand total was $2.30!!
It says on my receipt I saved 84% off the regular prices! Ok, I admit, that was so much fun and I am SUCH a nerd.
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All American x5 said...

Very Cool!

Thanks for sharing. I might have to look into that.