Tuesday, August 18, 2009

more birthday fun

Jordan enjoys a quiet celebration for his birthday. This year he had a family gathering on Sunday afternoon, it featured his favorites, hamburgers, watermelon and corn on the cob. He chose German chocolate cake for his dessert, yuck. Works good for me however as I don't want to eat any, it is completely safe around me day or night. As a matter of fact there are three pieces still sitting there on the cake plate right now. Anyway, on Monday he wanted to just have a couple of buddies over, he chose his long time friend Reuben and then another friend came later in the day, Ezekiel. Reuben spent most of the day with us, they played video games, shot each up with airsoft guns ate lots of junk food and then some more video games. It was fun and memorable and an ideal day of celebrating. We ended the day with Jordan's choice dinner of tacos, which he was not hungry for until later because of the hot tamales, pizza and Monster Triple Chipper cookies. (He didn't even bust into the bag of Cheetos, let's hope he never finds out I bought them for him!) :) Happy Birthday Jordan! You're the BEST!
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