Monday, August 10, 2009

toooo long!

It has been far too long since my last post! Facebook is the enemy of my blog. It is so easy to upload photos there and not take time over here, so I thought I would sit and add a bit to my poor neglected blog. We had a wonderful time yesterday, the family went out to the Pilchuck River with the dogs. We hiked up and down in the river, throwing the ball for Gunner and encourging Kayli to swim in the deeper parts. Her favorite thing to do was to get out of the water and roll all around in the dirt. She was FILTHY...but VERY happy! Gunner loved the ball, that was all he wanted, throw the ball, again and again and again. That dog needs an intervention done. Atira and Jordan loved showing dad all the cool spots they regularaly play in when we are at the river lot. (We go here once a week with our friends, but we are usually on their lot which is right next door to the public access.) We were even blessed with a break in the clouds and some sunshine. It was a very nice time to spend together, I hope we have some more nice days so we can do it again.

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