Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jordan's birthday present

What does that guy in the top picture have to do with that box of cake mix Jordan is holding? And what does all that have to do with his birthday?? Well, a couple of weekends ago Scott and I attended a homeschool conference and while we were brousing around in the marketplace we stumbled upon one of Jordan's favorite author's Chuck Black who wrote the Kingdom Series ! So of course, with his birthday coming up what a perfect time to buy the next trilogy written and of course have him sign it to him!! Which Chuck was happy to oblige us! That top picture is of Chuck signing Jordan's book and the bottom is how Scott creatively wrapped his books...in the empty cake mix box. He thought he was very clever and it was funny because Jordan did not right off guess what it was! It was a fun surprise, I could barely wait to give him the books, but I made it. (Well til Sunday at least, but that was still pretty darn good, considering his birthday was Monday!)
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