Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Finally! An update! Ok, here goes a rundown of our end of summer adventures. Starting at the top you will see Jordan and Atira swimming with Grandpa Curt. That was on our mini trip down to El Shaddai congregation. The kids had a blast swimming with him, of course. The following set of pics is of us at services at El Shaddai, as well as a couple of shots of us at the Paul Wilbur concert. (And there is a pic of Paul Wilbur in there too.) I think my favorite shot there is of the children receiving a blessing under the GIANT talit. So beautiful. The following picture is of Jordan and his good buddy Miles. They have taken a class together at our local Games Workshop. This was day one of 3, 2 hour classes. It was a great experience for them. Our next big adventure was a roller skating with our good friends the Barretts. That was  a very fun adventure! You will then find a fun photo of Atira and her friend Jillian, they were playing the dress up box at their house and had a wonderful time. I think this is one of Atira's favorite time periods, she loved looking like Laura Ingalls. Then comes a picture of Jordan the day we spent at Flowing Lake. Ahhhhh. That about sums it up. Our last couple of pictures are when we went to the library for a presentation by the Toymaker. Wonderful and entertaining! Every time! So, this is a just a little glimpse of some of our adventures, it has been a wonderful summer, blessed with amazing friends and cherished memories.

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