Sunday, March 29, 2009

Western Heritage Center

I had never heard of the Western Heritage Center in Monroe, but now I am so glad we had the opportunity to have a visit there! This is a wonderful hands on museum in the city of Monroe. Here is a little information from their website: "The Western Heritage Center is dedicated to sharing the living history of the Snohomish River valleys. The organization will achieve this through collection, preservation and restoration of historical documents and artifacts, through interpretive displays and through creative public and educational programming." The gentlemen who guided our tours were wonderful. They grew up in the area, worked the land as well as having generations of family members before them. They were excited about the topic and it was evident as they led us around and shared all the wonderful exhibits with us. The facility is currently being expanded and I look forward to a return there when it is complete. Scott was not able to make this field trip with us, so we will be planning a family day together to see the updates. Atiras favorite part was the kitchen, which had a working pump for the sink, a working old fashioned washing machine as well as a wood burning stove for all the cooking. Jordan loved the gem mine as well as the antique guns. If you have the chance to make it out here we highly recommend it! If I remember correctly, it is either free or nearly free (donation basis) for entry, just a deal that can't be beat!

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