Thursday, March 26, 2009

oh no...

We got the.....flu! Drat it all! This family did fabulouso this year not contracting any illnesses! Then, this very past Monday, our friends dropped by to pick up their dog we were doggy sitting for the weekend. Jeff was sick, Patti was fine, but like I said, Jeff was sick. He thought it was just a bit of a cough, but oh no, after a doctor visit confirmed it, he has the flu. Which of course as of today, Patti now has as well. And so, because of the incredible similarity between symptoms, it is clear that this is the source of my kids illness and indeed they too have the flu! ACK! So, we are on an aggresive regimen of herbs and homeopathics as well as some ibuprofen to keep them comfortable. With regular sprays of Lysol and putting drops Thieves oil on our clothing, I am hoping and praying Scott and I will not come down with this as well. I am off to take a walk outside today, it is pretty  and I could use the fresh air. I am praying for a quick recovery and I know they are too. My poor kids, I really do hate seeing them sick, it is just so helpless feeling! I will try to remember to post a follow up to this when we know we have beat this icky little bug!

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