Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Well, I have learned an incredibly important lesson in life. If you whine, snivel, text, bombard, harrass, pout, tease, irritate and bother someone enough about something, you will really get what you want! HA HA!! VICTORY!!! You all may remember that I had a tiny issue with the fact that Scott got an iPod and I didn't have one. The fact that it was his birthday had no bearing on my feelings whatsoever. So what did I do? I set to work immediately. It started with whining and staring over his shoulder as he played with his new then moved to one wonderful morning when Jordan alerted me to the fact that he had left this new toy at home, unguarded, HA! This of course illicited a text to him immediately, letting him know that I was now touching said iPod since it was not being watched or guarded by anyone bigger than me. Well, sadly he never left it home again...the plan continued, a few whiny phonecalls a bit more pouting and a little bit of name calling. Then I pulled out the big guns....I posted a notice on Facebook to all my friends how I was being neglected, and some saw my difficult situation and offered comfort during my time of need. Scott saw it too. Hee hee. So, all this led up to a special day a couple of weeks back, I was busy slaving in the kitchen after schooling my children all day and cleaning the home, I may have even changed the oil on the van that day, I cannot remember clearly, as I was bustling around, I went to open the microwave to thaw out the meat, and I heard angels sing. There, sitting in my microwave (which, truthfully, I had to do a double take, I thought I lost my marbles) was this beautiful purple iPod! WOO HOO! I really was so thrilled, and honestly so surprised. It was such a sweet gift...and all the harassment immediately ceased. A double blessing. (In all reality, I did tease Scott a bit, but truthfully, he just wanted to do something so nice for me, and I am SO appreciative! What a great husband I have!! But stories like that do not make for fun blogging, so I must spice it up!!) So, here I am with my lovely little iPod, it is filled with pictures, lots of music for dancing to, and even a short movie, Jack, Jack Attack. I am so spoiled!

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~ Denise ~ said...

Yeah babeeeeee!!!!! Us gals *always* get what we want, don't we? (Snicker, snicker) And what a good boy you are, Scott. You have been redeemed.

Enjoy your new toy! It sooo suits you!